Another media is possible!

Reclaim the Media and many of our friends and allies were in Atlanta June 27-July 1 for the first United States Social Forum, an ambitious meeting of a "movement of movements," modeled upon the World Social Forums held for several years in Porto Alegre, Mumbai, Caracas, Bamako and Nairobi. Thousands of social justice activists are gathering at the forum, uniting many struggles for social, economic and environmental justice with a shared vision of a transformed America in a just and peaceful world. Along with our organizational partners in the Media Action Grassroots Network (MAG-Net), RTM was there spreading the message that there's no justice without media justice.

Check out a list of media-related workshops at the forum. We've posted some USSF photos here.

Some Media Justice and Community Media Workshops at the US Social Forum:

Theater of the Oppressed for Media Justice with Media Alliance. June 28, 10:30am

Media History Timeline/Youth Making Media with the Global Action Project. June 28, 10:30am

Another Media Is Possible: Challenging Portrayals of Women with Women's Movement Now -- YWTF Miami Chapter. June 28, 3:30pm

AMERICA'S GLOBAL MEDIA--Ethnic News Organizations Connect home Countries with Neighhborhoods with New America Media. June 29, 10:30am

Filing workshop for Noncommercial Radio License with Pacifica Network. June 29, 10:30am

Media Reform: Being the Media/The Blogging Revolution with Velvet Revolution. June 29, 10:30am

Media Justice Scenario Discussion: Imagining the (un)thinkable with the Media Justice Fund. June 29, 1pm

Women Make Media, Not War with Texas Media Empowerment Project, Reclaim the Media and others. June 29, 3:30pm

Making media make a difference: Building the independent media, grassroots communications and media reform movements with the Media Consortium. June 29, 3:30pm

1+1=3/Youth Making Media with the Global Action Project. June 29, 3:30pm

From Corporate to Community: Media Tools and Insights we can use with the Unity Network and Counseling Center. June 30, 10:30am

Media as Movement Building with Left Turn. June 30, 10.30am

Video Scavenger Hunt: The Art of Interviewing/Youth Making Media with the Global Action Project. June 30, 10:30am

Growing Grassroots Media Networks with the Pacifica Network, Reclaim the Media and others. June 30, 1pm

Media Justice Now! with Third World Majority. June 30, 1pm

Using the Media with the Georgia Peace and Justice Coalition. June 30, 1pm

News For the People: How Corporate Media Consolidation Crippled Black Politics & How to Effectively Fight Back with the Black Agenda Report. June 30, 1pm

The Crisis in US Media and the Growing Movement for Media Democracy with Toward Freedom and Between the Lines, June 30, 1pm

There's no justice without Media Justice - A Strategy Session with the Media Action Grassroots Network (MAG-Net). June 30, 3:30pm

Does One Corporation Own All the Black Radio Stations in Your Town? What You Can (& Must) Do About It with the National Black Coalition for Media Justice. June 30, 3:30pm

Women of Color Behind the Mic: Empower Yourself Through Media and Technology with the Women of Color Resource Center. June 30, 3:30pm


Also of interest:

Feminism: Gender, Race, and Class with NOW, Highlander Center, Black Radical Congress and others (panelists include RTM co-director Jan Strout). June 30, 1pm

Advancing US Women's Rights through Global Feminism with the US Women and Cuba Collaboration (panelists include RTM co-director Jan Strout). June 30, 1pm

Reclaim the Media is also cosponsoring a Women's Networking Reception to celebrate our collective work towards a more just and fair world for all women and girls. Other cosponsors include the National Organization for Women, CodePINK and the Esperanza Peace and Justice Center (email vpaction [at] for information).

The media's job is to interest the public in the public interest. -John Dewey