Take Action to protect Community TV in Seattle!

UPDATE 2: Watch SCAN's recent press conference responding to city budget cuts. UPDATE: City Council is not responding to our calls for restored funding, but issues a wish list for seeking a new public access provider with limited funds. As you may be aware, the Seattle City Council is soon to vote on a budget which dramatically slashes the budget for public access television. The cuts are so severe that public access channel SCAN-TV announced that they will be forced to close their doors in less than two months—leaving Seattle with no public access TV studios, training facilities, and nobody to run the channel.

This week is our last chance to tell the council members that it is not acceptable to ignore the hundreds of Seattle residents and organizations that have already spoken out in favor of maintaining funding for public access. Please contact members of the City Council directly and tell them: don't throw community TV under the bus—restore funding for SCAN TV in the city budget!

For more information on the current situation and SCAN's importance to our local communities, see www.scantv.org.

Here's a word from SCAN-TV producer and longtime media activist Ed Mays on what you can do to take action today:

"The budget crisis is horrific and will cause great harm and suffering, but we are cutting to the quick if we give up the very essential tools we need to fight with. What's the point of community organizing if you can t get your message out? The political right and the billionaires who run the county know this. The prospect that even one voice of truth could exist in mass media terrifies them to no end. They would like to control the Internet too, but the difference is that public access TV comes into every home that has cable, just the same as Fox News. That's why this little free speech pen is the only place on television where you can get the kind of essential information that you get from shows like Democracy Now!, Pirate TV, Talking Stick, or Moral Politics.We can't afford to lose it."

If you can only make a couple of calls, please make them in the below order of importance:

Council President Richard Conlin, (206) 684-8805 richard.conlin@seattle.gov

Mike O'Brien, (206) 684-8800 mike.obrien@seattle.gov

Jean Godden, (206) 684-8807 jean.godden@seattle.gov

Bruce Harrell, (206) 684-8804 bruce.harrell@seattle.gov

Sally Bagshaw, (206) 684-8801 sally.bagshaw@seattle.gov

Tim Burgess, (206) 684-8806 tim.burgess@seattle.gov

Sally Clark, (206) 684-8802 sally.clark@seattle.gov

Tom Rasmussen, (206) 684-8808 tom.rasmussen@seattle.gov

Nick Licata, (206) 684-8803 nick.licata@seattle.gov
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