FCC testimony on media ownership: Dick Schwartz

I am Dick Schwartz and I am a former teacher here in Seattle and overseas. I am here – many have heard my concern for the country’s young people and their future. When I was in college, my greatest joy was to jump in a Volkswagen bug in the summer, head down those pre-interstate curving roads across the country, turn on the radio and listen to the country. You would go through Montana, the midwest, New England, down to the South, and then to one of the most amazing places in the country, Texas; then back through California and it was an education for me.

And, now that I am retired, my wife and I enjoy doing the same thing and we get in the car and we head off across the country. We turn on the radio and you can bloody your fingertips trying to find anything that gives you a sense of where you are. Although I have to admit that I have been in one location and have been able to get Rush Limbaugh on three different stations from that one spot. Darwin proved without a doubt that diversity is absolutely vital to the health of any kind of a natural system, and that rule applies to human systems, political systems, societal systems, and governmental systems just as well.

I think that this is the issue I hope that you will couch this entire argument on -- this issue of diversity. Diverse systems prosper and grow, inbred systems wither and die, and we are headed down the path toward inbred systems that are going to wither and die. For the future of the children and the young people in this country, I am glad there’s a few of you out there. This is an absolutely critical issue and I can’t say how critical this issue is and I thank you for what you are doing.

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