FCC testimony on media ownership: George Robertson

My name is George Robertson. James Surowiecki and his book The Wisdom of Crowds, tells us that the diversity and independence of the crowd […] in decision-making are central. In determining the will of the people, the aggregate will of the people […] are going to lead us to right answers about any question of cognition. Whether it is who would make the best president or who will win between the […] and whoever they are playing next week. That notion, that the aggregate will of the people will lead us to right answers is the central rational notion that underpins the reason for democracy.

I think this tells me that, in general, media concentration is the enemy of democracy. The FCC should test every proposal for change by three strategies. How will this proposal augment diversity? How will it augment the independence of the voices in America? and how will it augment public access to the megaphone of American media for ordinary people?

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The media's job is to interest the public in the public interest. -John Dewey