FCC testimony on media ownership: Mai Nguyen

I will not only be short, but be very brief with my comment. My name is Mai Nguyen. I am the president of the Minority Executive Directors Coalition. MADC is the longest standing and broadest based association of executive directors and program directors who are persons of color working in private non-profit human service and community development agencies in Seattle and King County. Founded in 1981, MADC is recognized for its success in sustaining a diverse multi-racial coalition of individuals who work together to inform, educate, influence, and empower our diverse constituents in an effort to work towards social, political, and economic equality entrusted for communities of color in King County. It was founded by Bernie Whitebear, Roberto Maestas, Bob Santos, and Larry Gossett, which united the Asian-Pacific-American, African-American, Native-American, and Chicano-Latino communities […] for people of color. MADC currently has over 150 members. For over 23 years, we have worked successfully in sustaining and nurturing cooperation, unity, and networking among its members.

We are here today to express our deepest concern over the issue of media ownership consolidation. We believe that media ownership consolidation will have a devastating impact on our community and we do not support it at all. The current coverage and shows we received from our mainstream media is appalling and distorts who we are (mostly covering people of colors committing crimes as you have already heard or the various stereotypes of our community). We work countless days to deal with these stereotypes and media images of our communities. We need broad coverage and shows that reflects the contributions that people of color and we believe that consolidating the ownership of the media is not the answer. We are thankful for you two in championing this work and we will do whatever it takes in organizing our community to help in fighting this effort. Thank you.

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