FCC testimony on media ownership: Danny "Khazm" Kogita

Peace and greetings commissioners, my name is Khazm. I am a hip-hop activist, a teaching artist, and I am also an artist, doing a lot of things with media. I have a program called Zulu Radio and a television show as well. And I have been doing this work for a good ten-plus, almost fifteen years now, and this is a very serious issue. We need more media democracy, we need more diversity. We have really no control over what we’re listening to. We are going through alternative routes, trying to create our own alternative sources. I listen to many genres, but my thing is hip-hop, and the things that are being pushed upon us are negative. There's a lot of misogyny, there's a lot of irresponsible things constantly reinforced into young people’s minds, and this isn’t the root of hip-hip, this isn't what hip-hop is. It’s a spiritual thing, it’s a culture, and it encompasses a lot more than just music. A lot of students--I work with middle-schoolers--they don’t even know about the history of hip-hop, they don’t know anything about it except for what they see and what they hear. This has got to change; we need to create more spaces for local programming to create more supportive atmospheres, to acknowledge and appreciate you as you go through the struggle. That’s my piece. Peace.

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