FCC testimony on media ownership: David Friedman

Hi, my name is David Friedman, and I am out here at the urging of... Commissioner Michael Copps, I read your post, your article today on Common Dreams and it encouraged me to come down here and stand up for my air waves and encourage the FCC. In case your colleagues didn’t hear us three years ago, we come back and say again that we’re strongly opposed to any weakening or elimination of the FCC’s media ownership regulations. I feel really fortunate as a member of the Seattle community to have a local radio station like KBCS to keep me informed, but I talked to friends around the country and have conversations with them about things I hear locally and: ‘Where did you hear that? I would never hear something like that in my community.’ So, let’s help us appreciate your work and to continue in the fight to preserve our airwaves.

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