FCC testimony on media ownership: Gavin Dahl

Hi. […] Chairman Martin and Commissioners Tate and McDowell, if by some miracle you are listening in your fancy hotel rooms, please make public service a priority concern. The
value […] newsrooms, maintain the cross-ownership ban, stop commercial broadcasters from airing video news releases, protect the First Amendment by defending web freedom and supporting net-neutrality, and expand LPFM license access.

For those of us who actually did show up today, what will we say about why we are here asking for regulations? Why in the world would residents of Vashon Island accept the authority of bureaucrats across the country about whether or not they can legally have their own local radio programs? Because sometimes a three-year-old needs to be stopped from running out into traffic. In some cases, grownups know better. However, authority must either prove itself legitimate or relinquish power.

If FCC field agents with armed federal marshals can seize equipment from unlicensed radio broadcasters like they did around the country during the weeks leading up to the election that started it all for ‘GW’ and like they continue to do… How do the commercial TV and radio stations continue to get away with making so much money with the public airwaves?

Why don’t you insist they also serve our communities? If corporate media is allowed to get bigger, and the door is closed on approved opportunities for Vashon Island, why not go pirate while three-year-olds and traffic keep coming up with game shows and specials on OJ Simpson? Big thanks to Commissioners Adelstein and Copps for being here.

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The media's job is to interest the public in the public interest. -John Dewey