FCC testimony on media ownership: Rebecca Campbell

Rebecca E. Campbell, CEO, Maximillion Bucks, Incorporated. Maximillion Bucks, Inc. – it champions the legal doctrine that according to the United States Supine Court, corporations are constitutionally legal persons with civil rights and that money, their cheap road of communication, is hence a form of protected fee speech.

Maximillion Bucks champions those laws that allow corporate persons to use their campaign funding as fee speech and their constitutional right to a democracy-proof fee press. We champion those laws that would allow corporations to impersonally persuade, through the acquisition of corporate controlled politicians and all communications media in a given geographical area.

We champion those laws restricting public media, to, and information in, these monopolized democracy-proof mass media. Corporate media monopolies comprised controlled psychic infrastructure of the few world order. They are majority-owned by the same trillion-dollar institutional investors which also own all of the major defense contractors and retail firms as well as most of the publicly-traded corporate stocks, banks, credit card companies, pension and benefit funds, and many public officials bought into by the majority of the American people.

Corporate media monopolies therefore help make up, not only the fourth estate, but also the fifth, sixth, seventh, eighth, and so on estates of the several thousand families comprising the global power elite -- ensuring that great fortunes, if not good ones, will continue to be broadcast throughout the planet by the majority of the American people and the global power elite that they (in their denial) continue to financially and amorally support.

Finally, we wish to state that we would like to invite those democrat FCC commissioners present tonight to a power breakfast tomorrow morning,; such a meeting hopefully of open minds as well as hands, could prove quite profitable for all concerned. We have included our media contact information in the copies of this presentation given to the two democrat FCC commissioners. Thank you, commissioners, for your continuing presence at these repetitive public displays of democracy. We wish you a richly rewarding holiday season and we salute you with a heretofore hidden hand of the market. Treasons greetings to all, and to all a good night.

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The media's job is to interest the public in the public interest. -John Dewey