FCC testimony on media ownership: Todd Boyle

Commissioners Copps and Adelstein, I want to thank you for the work you have been doing – I have been really appreciating it. I am an anti-war activist, and so I just want to put some perspective on what it has been like for the last four years.

You know, in 2003, I could not believe what happened with the media – in 2002 and 2003 leading up to the war in Iraq. I became pretty much a full-time anti-war activist. You know, I couldn’t believe you go one channel after another… it was just flags and marching music on every channel. We spent the last four years trying to roll back this corporate propaganda – propaganda from these corporate apparatus. We try to tell people that the war was illegal (Article VI of the Constitution makes our treaties binding on you and me and George Bush and everybody else). You never hear that on the media. This is US law. It’s – the president broke the law. You are not allowed to invade other countries. We have got numerous treaties on this.

Now, Bill Riley can pick up his microphone, and he can tell 20 million people his untruths. There is no way that we can work against this. We walk up and down the street with our banners. We stand on overpasses, and you don’t – the untruths include the fact that the nation is not your supreme unit of affiliation. You belong to your community. You belong to the human race. 95% of the human race is outside of the United States.

The federal government is not our nation. Major media can inflate them, every day -- the federal government, the government and the nation. Military service is not inherently noble. Every war since World War II was an unjust, cruel, and murderous orgy. We have killed millions and millions of completely innocent people, including 600,000 innocent people in Iraq in the last four years. We have the corporate media, the main culprit in this jingoistic attitude in our country. This is unchallenged.

Okay, now the reason I wanted to rant on this is because media corporations are never going to make a profit whether they are national, local – talking about this issue because the people who pay the cost of US wars are not in the United States. They are outside the United States. They are outside the US media market. They are outside the US politics system. They don’t vote in the United States… 95% of the humanity outside of the US. The beneficiaries of US militarism are here in the United States. In Washington State, seven percent of our economy is in the bases and the military. That’s a huge amount of patronage, votes, and money. There is nothing – this is a difficult problem guys. I don’t know what you are going to do about it. You really have my sympathy. We’ve got four wolves and a sheep voting over dinner, ok. And, the United States is the 5%. That is the four wolves, and all the rest of the planet is the sheep.

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The media's job is to interest the public in the public interest. -John Dewey