Jordan to be site of international radio conference

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Radio experts and industry professionals will be heading to the Jordanian capital soon to attend AMARC 9 – the ninth World Conference and General Assembly of AMARC – to be held November 11 to 17.

AMARC is the World Association of Community Radio Broadcasters.

The event, which is to be hosted by the Jordan-based Internet radio AmmanNet with support from Jordanian and Palestinian media groups, will address issues related to community radio roles in reducing poverty, supporting marginalized groups, and promoting access to information.

There will also be small forums to address the following topics: building a new global communication development sector, removing barriers to empower women, developing community radio in the Middle East and North Africa, facilitating the development of community radio, and increasing the impact of community radio in achieving development goals.

In addition, training workshops will focus on content development and fund raising among other issues.

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