What’s the best use, if any, for KXOT in Seattle/Tacoma?

by Karen Everhart, Current

Seattle news/talk station KUOW is reevaluating its plans for an FM signal it’s been leasing in Tacoma, Wash., after a feasibility study revealed that prospective donors weren’t inclined to back a capital campaign to buy the station.

KUOW began broadcasting its alternative news stream three years ago on KXOT, the 91.7 FM frequency held by Boulder-based Public Radio Capital. Under its five-year operating agreement, the Seattle outlet has until next July to exercise its option to buy the channel.

The study found foundation heads and other potential backers were confused about the proposed signal purchase, according to Wayne Roth, g.m. “It could be that we did not make the case to their satisfaction or that the case can’t be made,” he said. “The economic climate was also a big factor.”

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article originally published at Current.

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