US charged with misleading Iraqi media

via Al Alam News (Baghdad)

US occupation forces use Iraqi mass media to mend the shattered image of foreign troops in the war-weary country and bark occupation goals, the head of the Center for Development of Iraqi Media says.

In an interview with Al-Alam on Wednesday, Adnan al-Saraj said: "Radical changes in (media) programs in Iraq have spawned various points of view and political approaches in the country."

Thanks to the created atmosphere, "political activists can sound out their views freely via mass media channels," Saraj added.

Such diverse media came to existence in post-Saddam Hussein Iraq for different behind-the-scenes purposes, "many of which are linked to materialization of US goals and intentions."

Saraj roasted the US forces for blocking attempts to establish a professional national radio station in Iraq as an "organization for all Iraqi people." He said the medium was used as a propagation tool for US forces.

Noting that freedom was a prominent characteristic of the Iraqi media "even before Saddam Hussein ascended to power", he tacitly likened the US leverage with the media to that of the executed Iraqi dictator.

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