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Jonathan Lawson on media literacy and media justice Critical Focus/Cambridge Community TV (online video), 10 May 2007

Julie Chang Schulman (206 Zulu/Reclaim the Media) on Seattle hip-hop history Seattle Post-Intelligencer (online video), 16 Feb 2007

National Conference on Media Reform, Memphis, 11-14 January 2007

• Panel: Winning on the Ground: Strategies for Stopping Big Media, with Henry Desio (Moderator, Media and Democracy Coalition), Amanda Ballantyne (Free Press), Jon Bartholomew (Common Cause Maine), Jonathan Lawson (Reclaim the Media), Beth McConnell (PennPIRG) and Jenny Toomey (Future of Music Coalition).

• Panel: There Is No Media Justice Without Women, with Jennifer L. Pozner (Women in Media & News), Thenmozhi Soundararajan (Third World Majority), Karen Toering (Reclaim the Media), Jessica Clark (In These Times) and DeAnne Cuellar (Media Empowerment Project)

Susan Gleason (YES! Magazine/Reclaim the Media) and Nina Utne (Utne Reader) interviewed re. What's the Good News? Your Call, KALW Public Radio (Berkeley, CA), 3 Jan 2007

FCC Media Ownership Hearing, Seattle Public Library, 30 November 2006
[hearing info; speakers list; recordings courtesy KBCS]

hour one: introductory statements and public testimony (stream/download)
hour two: public testimony (stream/download)
hour three: public testimony (stream/download)
hour four: public testimony (stream/download)

One-hour summary (produced by KBCS)

High and Low bandwidth video (Windows format courtesy Online Video Service)

• Streaming video and audio (Real Media format via TVW)

Hip-hop journalist Davey D in discussion with community radio public affairs producers. KBCS Bellevue, 17 November 2006. Visit sponsored by Reclaim the Media as part of Hip Hop: Back to its Roots. [recordings courtesy KBCS]

Northwest Community Radio Summit, Seattle, 15-17 Sept. 2006 [more info and photos]

Sharon Maeda
Larry Kleinman (PCUN) and Pete Tridish (Prometheus Radio Project)
Karen Toering (RTM) and Lupito Flores (KYRS)
Lt. Ehren Watada (streaming mp3)
David and Amy Goodman (streaming mp3) or Video

Plenary sessions
Jonathan Lawson, Jeremy Lansman, Sharon Maeda
Hip-hop and Community Radio. Audio in 3 parts: (one/two/three) or Video
Closing reportback

Media Reform and Media Justice with Jonathan Lawson, Sharon Maeda and Pete Tridish
Collaborative Production with Leigh Robartes, Bruce Wirth and others
How Community Radio can Support Local Music with Silver Shadow, Datri Bean and Jim Page
Radio as a Tool for Social Change with Ani Haines, Kate Shepperd, Ryan Tompkins and Pete Tridish
The Art of the Interview with Callie Shanafelt and Joaquin Uy
Full Power Licences with Michael Brown, Todd Urick and Sakura Saunders
Streaming and Podcasting with Amoshaun Toft, Jeff Hoyt and Jeremy Lansman
How to Produce a Story for FSRN with Julie Sabatier, Leigh Robartes and others
PSAs: Meaningful Messages to Build Your Community with Rip Robbins and Joseph McGuire
Student Leadership in Community and College Radio with Oliver Anderson, Gavin Dahl and Jenn Hartmann
Building a Music Library with Jamie Hoover, Ava Hegedus, Barbie-Danielle deCarlo and Gavin Dahl
The Case For Free Radio In the 21st Century with Free Radio Olympia

Consumers Union policy briefing: Telecommunications and Media Around the World and Grassroots Collaboration and Sustainability. New America Foundation, Washington, DC, 16 March 2006.

Includes remarks from Jonathan Lawson (Reclaim the Media), Pete Tridish (Prometheus Radio Project), Thenmozhi Soundararajan (Third World Majority), Jamie Love (Consumer Project on Technology), Magda Herrera (Consumers Union), Charlene Allen (Funding Exchange), Jeff Perlstein (Media Alliance), Inja Coates (Media Tank) and Patrice Webb (Free Press).

Rep. Louise Slaughter and Jonathan Lawson interviewed re. What Happened to the Fairness Doctrine? Gulf Coast Live, WGCU Public Radio (Fort Myers, FL), 20 June 2005 (Windows Media/Real)

Jeff Cohen on Overcoming Mainstream Media Spin: Exploring the Role of Independent Media. Kane Hall, Seattle, 23 May 2005. [more info]

Bellingham Grassroots and Independent Media Conference, Bellingham, 21 May 2005. [more info]
Jonathan Lawson on Grassroots Organizing for Media Reform

National Conference on Media Reform, St. Louis, 13-15 May 2005

• Panel: Grassroots Organizing for Media Change, with Jeff Perlstein (Media Alliance), Pete Tridish (Prometheus Radio Project), Inja Coates (Media Tank), Jonathan Lawson (Reclaim the Media) and Jen Soriano (Youth Media Council).

• Workshop: Starting a Media Activist Network in Your Community, with Karen Young (Media Democracy Chicago, Saskia Fisher (Media Empowerment Project) and Susan Gleason (Reclaim the Media).

Amy Goodman and David Goodman, KBCS supporters' brunch, Museum of History and Industry, Seattle. 3 April 2005.

GFEM policy briefing: The Role of Grassroots Organizers in Challenging Media Consolidation in the U.S. Ford Foundation, NY, 25 Feb. 2005.

Includes a brief video by Joan Grossman, and remarks from Michael Copps (FCC), Inja Coates (Media Tank), Jonathan Lawson (Reclaim the Media), Pete Tridish (Prometheus Radio Project), Malkia Cyril (Youth Media Council), Gene Kimelman, (Consumers Union), Harold Feld (Media Access Project), Saskia Fisher (Media Empowerment Project) and Jeff Perlstein (Media Alliance).

Election 2004 and Beyond: What's At Stake? at University Temple Methodist Church, Seattle, 1 Oct. 2004

Norman Solomon
Daniel Ellsberg

Medea Benjamin

David Barsamian and Arundhati Roy at Town Hall, Seattle, 17 Aug. 2004

Robert McChesney at Kane Hall, Seattle, 6 May 2004

Seven Meta-Vendettas for Revolutionary Media Strategies: a workshop with Celia Alario. Audio in two parts (part one/part two). 911 Media Arts, Seattle, 4 April 2004

Fixing Radio Forum at the EMP, Seattle, 28 Feb. 2004 [more info]

Radio panel
Policy and Localism panel
KEXP radio interview: Jonathan Lawson (Reclaim the Media), Ann Chaitowitz (AFTRA) and Michael Tierney (Blue Team Management) interviewed by Mike McCormick, 28 Feb 04.

National Conference on Media Reform, Madison, 7 Nov. 2003

• Panel: The 2003 FCC Fight, with Cheryl Leanza (Media Access Project), Gene Kimmelman (Consumers Union), FCC Commissioner Michael Copps and Jonathan Lawson (Reclaim the Media).

FCC Media Ownership Hearing, HUB Auditorium, University of Washington, 7 March 2003 [more info]

General Introduction from Commissioners Copps and Adelstein (download)
Panel 1: Effects of Consolidation on News (download)
Panel 2: Effects of Consolidation on Music and Radio (download)
Panel 3: Effects of Consolidation on Localism (download)
Public Comments (download)

Shaping the Media Landscape in Seattle, University of Washington, 7 March 2003
Networks in the Information Age panel

The Future of Media: Action for Media Democracy, Experience Music Project, Seattle, 7 March 2003 [more info]

• MC Kristen Walsh, KBCS (real/wma)
Deborah Semer, Recording Academy real/wma)
• US Representative Jim McDermott (real/wma)
Kristen Walsh (real/wma)
Jenny Toomey, Future of Music Coalition (real/wma)
Kristen Walsh (real/wma)
Davey D, KPFA/ (real/wma)
• FCC Commissioner Jonathan Adelstein (real/wma)
Chuck D and the Fine Arts Militia performance video clips by Spaceboat TV

Media and Democracy Radio Features [more info]

Michael Albert
Jeff Chester
Michael Franti
Jim Hightower
Winona LaDuke
Anuradha Mittal
Utah Philips
Ron Sakolsky
Howard Zinn

Reclaim the Media: a Community Media Convergence, Seattle, 10-15 September, 2002 [more info]

Panels and Keynote speakers, Town Hall, Sept. 13
How do We Get the Media We Want? panel
Sustaining Community Media panel
Clear Channel panel
Media Goes to War panel
Media and Representation panel
Media and Movement Politics panel

Earth Charter Invocation
• Welcome: Jim Goettler
Sonali Kolhatkar
Davey D
David Barsamian
• music by Jim Page
Amy Goodman

Other conference events
Ron Sakolsky: Surrealist Subversions, Seattle IMC, Sept. 10
Jeff Perlstein, Seattle IMC, Sept. 12
Thenmozhi Soundararajan, Seattle IMC, Sept. 12
Sarah Van Gelder, Seattle IMC, Sept. 12
Macaroni Awards, Club Nation, Sept. 14

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