Revision of Who spoke at the Seattle FCC hearing? from Fri, 2006-12-01 19:07

At the Nov. 30 Seattle FCC Media Ownership hearing, event co-chairs Frank Blethen (publisher, The Seattle Times) and Sharon Maeda (Spectra Communications/Reclaim the Media) first introduced Congressman Jay Inslee; his comments were followed by remarks from the two FCC Commissioners in attendance, Michael Copps and Jonathan Adelstein.

Public testimony began with a group of invited speakers:

Jean Godden, Seattle City Council
Mike Fancher, Seattle Times
John Carlson, KVI/KOMO
Robert Jeffrey, Colors NW
Mark Emmert, President, University of Washington
Diane Lachel, Tacoma Click!
John Sandifer, Seattle AFTRA
Joel Kelsey, Consumers Union
Mai Nguyen, Making Connections
David Groves, Washington State State Labor Council
Kathy Gill, UW Department of Communication

Testimony continued at an open microphone until the Library needed to close the building, about 45 minutes past the hearing's scheduled end. Some people who had signed up to speak were unable to get their turn on the mic; many others submitted written comments. (This list has not been checked against the recording and may not be entirely accurate):

Todd Boyle
Andrew Skotdal
Emily Horswill
Kathy Schrier
Bill Wippel
Leigh Robartes
Dennis Lane
Sylvia Haven
David Friedman
Suzette West, Legend Heart Records
Jeff Hoyt
Rebecca Campbell
Monica Hill
Bill Schrier
Liz Brown
Bryan Johnson
Margaret Swartzman
Bob Grubbs
Kenneth Moninski
Danny Khazm Kogita
Ken LeBlond
Chris Dowell
George Robertson
Jen Power
Judy Martinez
Gavin Dahl
Tim Treanor
Chuck Dill
Seth Kupchick
Kathleen Warren
Lila Kitaeff
Suzanne Blais
Kenneth Meyer
Jan Strout
Lyle Courtsal
Joyce Glasgow
Dick Schwartz
Mark Taylor-Canfield
John Bito
Jeff Hanson
Jerome Chroman
Adam Gehrke
Robert Kam
Jim Nibblett
David Ward
Tom Killorin
Olemara Peters
David Gordon
Eric Apoe
Ryan Morden
Karen Weill
Larry Hildes
John Anthony Yost
Mary Kathryn Rountree

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