Seattle Education Association Opposes Media Deregulation

To be submitted to the FCC by the Seattle Education Association

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KCLC Passes Media Diversity Resolution

At a Feb. 19 meeting, the King County Labor Council passed a resolution calling upon the FCC and Congress to protect media diversity by preventing further industry consolidation.

The KCLC includes several unions representing media industry employees, including AFTRA (radio/TV), the Newspaper Guild/CWA

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FCC's Media Ownership Proceeding Will Hurt National Security

from the Center for Digital Democracy

Questions Must be Raised about FCC's Ability to Protect the Public Interest

Washington, DC -- The Federal Communications Commission launched a proceeding today that will lead to the erosion of long-standing safeguards designed to ensure that the public can

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Media Politics: News or Propaganda?

Hafiz al-Mirazi, Washington bureau chief of the Qatar-based satellite news network al-Jazeera, asks of his own channel, are our broadcasts news or propaganda? but he asks the same question of CNN, ABC and other US broadcast networks.

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Our Right to the Sky

The International Telecommunications Union assigns global satellite orbits. Is it possible that there could be transponder set-asides for non-profits on the commercial satellites and peace channels on the military satellites?

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The media's job is to interest the public in the public interest. -John Dewey