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Save Internet Radio!


UPDATE: Congressman Jay Inslee has introduced the Internet Radio Equality Act to rationalize net radio royalty fees, tying webcaster rates to similar fees paid by satellite radio and jukeboxes. The bill would also trigger a recalculation of rates for noncommercial webcasters. More info here and here.

This March, the music industry overlords at the RIAA succeeded in convincing the government to impose arbitrarily high royalty rates on Internet broadcasters. While the largest corporate-backed webcasters will be able to absorb the higher costs, the very survival of independent streams such as OSeaO and is threatened.

These new rates have little to do with supporting musicians and everything to do with corporate greed, and quashing grassroots broadcasting on the web. Visit for more information and to take action in support of Inslee's bill, and write to your Congressman directly.

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Air America 2.0 starts now


Air America Radio has a new owner. Why? Because if progressive values were a stock, now is the time to buy.

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