Media Meet Justice: Needs and Feeds Wall

Media, Meet Justice


Needs and Feeds Wall


Seattle Housing Authority:

• Low Cost Internet Access

• Training Programs on how to access internet (LEP) SHA Staff

Cascadia College:

• Low cost internet access for mobile devices

Community Alliance for Global Justice:

• Access to programmers/IT technicians for website maintenance/expansion

• Affordable methods of media outreach to greater community for actions and events

• Updated spreadsheet of allied organizations and contact info

• Communications/Messaging, how to frame issues. Trainings or roundtable, info sharing, etc.

• How to access other outreach resources, “new” to us neighborhoods, calendars, etc without competing for space with other organizations and issues

• How do we leverage other great projects and allies even if issues are not directly related?


• To help the mayor, city council members and department of technology understand the value and the importance of public media as a vehicle that empowers and supports community

Neighborhood House:

• Media Literacy Training

• Basic media navigating skills

• Media in many tongues!

• More affordable access

• Training on how to make your own media

• How to find what you need through media (housing, health, etc)

• Training on how to navigate the local school systems, the source, college info, etc

Hollow Earth Radio:

• Media justice training (interviewing)

• Easily digestible content and training on media activism (a zine, primer, guide?) that’s also online for training/teaching members in our own organization

• List of organizations broken up by category, type, extensive nationwide that works as a resource for orgs to find allies and similar orgs to their own.



• Collaborate with media partners

• Tell the story of the technology divide

• Highlight value of live and local programming

• Stress the interactive elements of community and spin off

• Organize individuals and groups who have benefited to speak, email, and write letters of support

• Sign petition for continual statement of support

• Highlight ESL programming and groups

• Involve youth speaks and youth media programs

• Counter negativity

Other Orgs:

• Promotional support for NW social justice events/orgs via website (RTM) and social media (RTM twitter and facebook)

• Digital media literacy trainings/workshops and curriculum (via Reclaim the Media)

Cascadia College:

• Develop public access micro networks (using donated wifi network coverage/mobile hotpots)

Neighborhood House:

• Community new sources/blogs (to fit needs and also language diversity)

• More access to computers. Training on how to use them

• Community based trainings that focuses on a certain community’s specific needs

• Training to teach families how to communicate with schools, and research educational opportunities

• Low cost broadband through corporate funding or legislation


• Volunteer list or website for programmers who want to help activists (must be screened and evaluated)

• Advocate for affordable media access and free public access on cable

• Social networking site for activists?

Hollow Earth Radio:

• Look at Seattle neighborhood blog system- seems to be successful, localized, possible to get access, lots of engaged readers. Perhaps a social change version, or get into current system somehow?

• Is print viable anymore?

• New radio access and publicize shows! Public affairs on Hollow Earth Radio?

• Advocate for more social justice media/programming at Hollow Earth Radio

• Put up a 1 watt transmitter to broadcast Hollow Earth on the block at 20th and Union

• Apply for LPFM

• Internet/computer lab to open to public at HER

• A community sound off show- where neighborhood members can come in-regularly- to talk about what is actually important to them. This is something that Hollow Earth Radio would be a good forum for starting.

The media's job is to interest the public in the public interest. -John Dewey