Broadband and accessibility

At the Media, Meet Justice! meeting on Oct. 20, one discussion group focused on broadband and communications accessibility issues.

Here are the unedited notes from that discussion:


making media tools accessible to people with disabilities, older folks, folks who don't usually have easy access.

Disability Rights: include issues of physical barriers to participating in media

the work that we do really could be totally accessible to people with physical disabilities (ReelGrrls, KBCS, SCAN, Hollow Earth).

These community media centers can and should be totally accessible to people with physical disabilities.

People get caught in thought process that it'll take experts and lots of money to be physically accessible.

Young people in Detroit - there was a huge presence of people with disabilities.

What does disability justice movement in Seattle look like, who's involved … do they have a show at SCAN?

Online communities have been particularly influential for people with disabilities — places where they've been able to have a public presence, identity (like Facebook).

What's happening in disability programs, connect with our media justice issues — find out what's already happening here, where the connections are with media/story participation (Facebook, etc.)

Seattle Disability Commission, less than a year old. Created in last 6 months. Concerned with policy issues. Good jumping point for accessing the disability community. UW has

Tomorrow, 7-9pm - Krip Your Town, in U District at District Lounge (under Hotel Deca). Event happening for almost a year. People who identify as having disabilities, or as allies, get together socially, sharing space.

SHA: no money to buy access; no computer labs (no grant with Community Network anymore … only a few buildings have access); no internet access, no computers. No outlet for them. Don't have access to community media. They're cut off from community & media. Lots of folks don't have cable either, just the local digital tv. Also have a large population of immigrants.

Connects with SCAN issue:
- access to it as audience
- and producing shows

First: education to board of commission, cabinets, at SHA (they need to understand the value of it … comes back to white privilege issue); needs to be awareness and education of decision-makers to set money aside from budget. Daniel has been to some of the leadership meetings.

Are there examples that could be used? This is what could happen…. Somali community in Hope 6 and Yesler Terrace;

Have a community / media justice briefing for SHA leadership. Get HUD involved as well, since they give SHA the money.

17,000 residents, 53 different languages in SHA. The power is with the tenants.

Crime in Hope 6 because of young teens, there aren't things for them to be involved in.

movement building through the CTC's.

Rainier Vista Boys & Girl Clubs … they have a studio; but not the programming to make

With Reel Grrls capacity … we could some trainings there. Wary of swoop in model.

different kinds of trainings:
physical space training
knowledge base, training, curriculum
these things are often separate … what can be done to bring them together?

How you do a program … and having it take-off to be self-sufficient.

People seeing the value.

KBCS: teaching media, training media, … lacking having community organizers, connect marginalized communities recognize the value of access to free and open internet; the community organizing element needs to happen from the ground up. Some person who can coordinate with groups like ours, and same time connect with the issues of local social justice.

Needed: community organizer for NW MAG-net; among our groups, liaising with other social justice groups around town.

If folks are excited about something, they'll do it on their own.

Specifically around disability rights/access, ask MAG-Net to keep this issue on the table.

Consumer Advisory Committee.

In Detroit at AMC, they thought about accessibility in every organizing effort, down to their very core.

Us, being aware in all of our own organizing events/activities — embed these values in our own organizing.

Keeping it visible.

Making spaces safe, supportive.

The media's job is to interest the public in the public interest. -John Dewey