Celebrate progessive media with this year's coolest stocking stuffer: Media Heroes Trading Cards!

Media heroes are everywhere: journalists, activists, media innovators and educators making sure that we all have access to media that supports democratic values of justice, community and respect. Some media heroes are solitary voices keeping a candle of truth burning through a period of darkness. Others are organizers expanding the range of people who can wield the power of publishing and broadcasting, or critics revealing the hidden aspects of media all around us.

Our 21 full-color trading cards are a fun and informative way to celebrate beloved media heroes such as Bill Moyers and Democracy Now!, and to learn about lesser-known heroes like Richie Pérez and Florynce Kennedy. A fantastic teaching tool for students, or a perfect stocking stuffer for friends, family or budding media activists. Cards feature original art by Michael Leavitt and mini-biographies of our heroes.

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Elias Boudinot

Journalist; statesman

Elias Boudinot was founding editor of the first Native American newspaper, the Cherokee Phoenix, launched in 1828. At the time, the Cherokee faced immense challenges to their survival as a distinct nation and culture; including pressures to abandon their Appalachian homeland. Cultural innovations included Sequoyah’s invention of the first Native American written alphabet, paving the way for Boudinot to publish writings in the Cherokee language.

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The media's job is to interest the public in the public interest. -John Dewey