Prometheus Radio Project

b. 6 Oct 1998, Philadelphia, PA

Low-power radio evangelists, media policy activists

In 1998, an ambitious group of former radio pirates in Philadelphia realized that marginalized communities needed a legal means to gain access to the airwaves. Organizing the Prometheus Radio Project, the group quickly became leaders in the national movement to legalize and expand low-power FM radio, creating colorful spectacles in the street while effectively lobbying Congress and the FCC. Prometheus filed the 2003 lawsuit which succeeded in stopping the FCC’s move to expand media consolidation. The group’s primary commitment, however, has been helping grassroots community organizations to build their own radio stations. Prometheus’ programs include collaborative community "barnraisings," combining educational workshops on the power of grassroots media with transmitter setup and studio construction. Many community radio stations in the US and abroad have benefited from Prometheus’ advice and collaboration.

The media's job is to interest the public in the public interest. -John Dewey