Florynce Kennedy

b. 11 Feb 1916, Kansas City, MO …. d. 22 Dec 2000, New York, NY

Feminist; anti-racist organizer; attorney; media activist

With righteous anger matched by a sharp and often foul-mouthed wit, Flo Kennedy modeled creative, radical resistance for generations of feminists. As a young attorney, Kennedy handled the estates of Billie Holiday and Charlie Parker, exposing record companies’ racist exploitation of successful black artists. In 1966, while most progressive activists were focused on the Vietnam War, Kennedy set up The Media Workshop to expose and fight racism and oppression in the American media. She organized pickets of TV stations, newspapers and their advertisers. At the first meeting of the fledgling National Organization for Women, Kennedy ruffled feathers by pushing the group to confront discrimination in the corporate media. She went on to found the Feminist Party, organizing such protests as the March Against Media Arrogance and the “Hollywood Toilet Bowl,” denouncing patriarchy and white supremacy in film and TV.

The media's job is to interest the public in the public interest. -John Dewey