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Mercer Island's X-104 avoids death sentence, moving to 88.9FM


Student noncommercial station finds creative solution to threat

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Principle, not profit: Seattle's history of alternative media resistance


The Northwest, and Seattle in particular, has a long history of innovative, grassroots and radical media.

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Film review: ScaredSacred


ScaredSacred: a film by Velcrow Ripper (Zeitgeist 2006).

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Seattle passes 10-year Comcast franchise

[from Reclaim the Media]

On Monday, the Seattle City Council voted 7-0 to approve a 10-year cable franchise agreement with Comcast. In the end, the Council went along with Energy Committee chair Jean Godden's strong desire to get the thing passed as rapidly as possible, without taking any time for

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Seattle City Council considers changes to Comcast deal

by Jonathan Lawson, Reclaim the Media

[a version of this article appears in the April 19 issue of Real Change.]

As Seattle draws closer to inking a new ten-year cable contract with Comcast, community advocates are looking to the City Council to help make the deal more responsive

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Comcastic ain't so fantastic: labor rights for Comcast employees

[Reclaim the Media statement]

Comcast is the nation's largest cable company, with 21 million subscribers. Two years ago they were prepared to buy the entire Disney Corporation. Last year alone, CEO Brian Roberts received total compensation of $12.8 million. Yet when it comes to dealing with real

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Media: by the people

by Susan Gleason and Jonathan Lawson, A Matter of Spirit

In a time when newspaper circulation is dropping nationwide and commercial radio stations are bracing against perceived competition from new technologies such as satellite radio and podcasting, many news consumers are choosing nontraditional

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Seattle weighs in on Comcast shareholder proposal

Seattle community advocates: Comcast is out of touch with its shareholders, its employees and its customers

[Reclaim the Media statement, 1 June 05]

Seattle community advocates concerned with issues of media consolidation are urging Comcast shareholders to vote in favor of a "one share/one vote"

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DeeDee Halleck: redefining the global village

by Jonathan Lawson

[note: a version of this piece appears in the Spring 2005 media issue of YES! Magazine.]

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