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April 4 Media Strategies Workshop


On Sunday, April 4, media strategist Celia Alario (San Francisco) will offer a free workshop for social and environmental justice organizers concerned with getting their message out in today's modern media environment. How do we get our message past corporate media gatekeepers? When and how do we create our own media alternatives? Every PR and media campaign for a social justice cause is an opportunity - not just to get your issue into the spotlight - but also to help radically transform the way media approach issue coverage and views sources. In this session we'll look at seven "meta vendettas" - larger, long term underlying media goals - that can leverage the efforts of any specific media campaign. We?ll explore ways to develop a proactive media plan, and promote the message of what we want for better leverage in any political climate.

7 Meta Vendettas for Revolutionary Media Strategies
April 4, 1-4pm, 911 Media Arts Center, 117 Yale Ave N. in Seattle

cosponsored by Reclaim the Media, 911 Media Arts and the Media and Democracy Coffee Club

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Media Politics: Press Freedom Survives Govt. Attack in BC

On Oct. 9, newspaper headlines across Canada solemnly announced the death of Izzy Asper, the country's biggest media mogul. Most of those headlines appeared in papers owned by Asper's megalithic CanWest Global, which owns something like 60% of all English-language dailies in the country, plus one of the largest TV networks and other holdings. Under Asper's watch, the company's newspaper operation had become a poster child for the ways consolidated ownership can harm journalistic values and editorial independence. Editors and columnists who resisted upper management directives, or disagreed with the "national editorials"imperiously dispatched from headquarters, were shown the door.

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Chomsky on Power, Terror and the Media


"Everyone's worried about stopping terrorism," says dissident intellectual Noam Chomsky in a new film directed by John Junkerman. "Well, there's a really easy way: stop participating in it." Power and Terror, which documents
Chomsky?s analysis of post-9/11 US foreign policy, receives its Seattle
premiere this month: Friday - Sunday, March 21- 23 and Tuesday - Sunday, March 25 - 30, 7 and 9pm, at Seattle's Little Theater (19th and Mercer).

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U.S. Media Applaud Bombing of Iraqi TV

March 27, 2003

When Iraqi TV offices in Baghdad were hit by a U.S missile strike on March 25, the targeting of media was strongly criticized by press and human rights groups. The general secretary of the International Federation of Journalists, Aidan White, suggested that "there

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Rocky Mountain Media Democracy Tour


Fresh from the successes of the Reclaim the Media community media convergence in Seattle this September, the journalist/activists of Reclaim the Media are hitting the road this month with a Media Democracy educational tour of the Rocky Mountain states.

Passing through Washington, Idaho, Utah, Wyoming, Colorado and New Mexico, RTM educators are building networks with local media activists throughout the mountain time zone for citizen action on current trends in national media policy, how out-of-control consolidation in media ownership affects what we see, read and hear, and how citizens can influence the way important policy decisions are made.

Our travels end at the Action Coalition for Media Education Conference in Albuquerque, Oct 18-20.

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Media Politics: News or Propaganda?

Hafiz al-Mirazi, Washington bureau chief of the Qatar-based satellite news network al-Jazeera, asks of his own channel, are our broadcasts news or propaganda? but he asks the same question of CNN, ABC and other US broadcast networks.

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The media's job is to interest the public in the public interest. -John Dewey