Mt. Vernon says NO to Glenn Beck's media hate

Reclaim the Media:

UPDATE: check out the action in Mt. Vernon via Youtube, Flickr, or Twitter.

On Saturday, Sept 26, right-wing broadcaster Glenn Beck visited Western Washington--keynoting a conservative rally at Safeco Field in Seattle, then heading to his childhood home of Mt. Vernon, where Mayor Bud Norris presented him with the key to the city. Norris' decision to honor Beck was instantly controversial with local residents who reject Beck's history of on-air extremism and racist commentary. An online petition asking Norris to reconsider tarnishing the name of his city quickly gained over 16,000 signatures, and Mt. Vernon residents organized a protest against the honoring of Beck, with the theme "Hate is not a Skagit Valley value." The action took place at 5:30 pm Saturday, Sept. 26 outside McIntyre Hall at Skagit Valley College (2501 East College Way, Mt. Vernon).

People across the country have had enough of the media hatred and misinformation which Mad Haters like Beck, Lou Dobbs and Rush Limbaugh spread daily (thanks to media giants Fox, CNN and Clear Channel, respectively).

The online organization Color Of Change has waged a successful campaign convincing half of Beck's advertisers to disassociate themselves from his hateful broadcasts. Now Presente is launching a campaign telling CNN to Dump Dobbs.

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If everything you say is true

If everything you say is true why does the number of people listening to Beck, Limbaugh, etc keep going up? If everything you say is true why do pollsters say that most citizens in the United States classify themselves as conservative and not as liberals? online casino

Glenn Beck

Wow so no free speech in this county? Who are the haters? Looks like I am talking to the haters. Your group and others like you are way off the deep end! Keep up the protesting, just makes our side the right side look like the rational ones.

Attention: Please Float Down From Planet Republican

Yup you nailed it right on the money. How dare members of Reclaim the Media support members of a local community who stood up not wanting to be lumped in with the same category as Glenn Beck and his hate speech, because the mayor of Mt. Vernon decided he'd give an award that represents all of the citizens of Mt. Vernon to a man who promotes hatred and intolerance. To a man that thinks things like theme parks called Cinco De' Flag, and political sattires about make beleive products like Mexinol are just hilarious. You right wing people completely miss the point, freedom of speech extends not only just you and your political ideals, but to those angry skagit valley residents like myself, and their friends like those found here at Reclaim the Media. Who all feel things like hurt feelings, boycotts of Mt. Vernon businesses, and a divided community weren't nearly worth Glenn Beck getting an award by means that were corrupt, and an award might I add that is somewhere in his closet

hate and glenbeck

Thank God there are folks out here who realize that we've had enough hate for a lifetime. Go away, glenbeck and foxhatenews. Really!

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