Inslee to FCC: act fast to protect open Internet

by Office of Congressman Jay Inslee

This week Congressman Jay Inslee (WA-01) released the following statement regarding recent reports of discussions between Google and Verizon to create a tiered system of access for users:

In their effort to gain a competitive advantage in this age of media consolidation, broadband providers are attempting to create a regime that locks information away behind pay walls, dramatically shifting power, and choice, away from consumers to serve their bottom lines. The internet has become the most powerful information tool since the printing press because people are empowered to make their own choices as to what they see, hear, share, and experience. There is no better evidence then these recent reports as to why the Federal Communications Commission must act quickly to preserve internet freedom.

Congressman Jay Inslee has represented Washington s 1st Congressional District since 1999 and serves as a member of the Energy and Commerce Committee. Rep. Inslee is also a co-sponsor of H.R.3458 the Internet Freedom Preservation Act.

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