FCC cuts bullshit payola deal w/ Clear Channel & others

by Davey D, DaveyD.com

CLEAR CHANNEL, CBS RADIO, ENTERCOM and CITADEL have tentatively agreed to pay the government $12.5 million and provide 8,400 half-hour segments of free airtime for independent record labels and local artists as part of a consent decree with the FCC.

I gotta be honest.. I am not feeling this ruling at all. In fact let me be honest its a bunch of bullshit on the highest level. First, people should know part of the people who pushed for this were ex major record label executives who formed a little union amongst themselves but still act and behave like a major-just smaller. It isn't something designed to help out the small guy from around the way..

Second, why is there a limit to the amount of time both in actual length *(half hour) and the overal number of hours which is like 8500 half hours?

Third, what constitutes local.. For example if you are here in the Bay Area an artist like E-40 is a local artists signed to major label like Warner brothers as well as the Federation.. Do they get tossed into that local slot while other acts who never got shot still don't get a shot? If you're in a place like New York or LA you can easily play all local artists who have boutique labels attached to a major . i.e. Dr Dre's Aftermath would be seen as both independent and local. So does a Dre record get played before a Mitchy Slick record which is on DJ Mugg's Angeles records?

Fourth where will that half hour time slot be place? At 8 o'clock at night or 2 am in the morning? What stations will these songs be played on? Like here in the Bay Area we have two urban stations owned by Clear Channle, will both of them partake in this or only one?

As I mentioned before independent records labels now include Death Row, TVT, Koch and even Jive which is home to Justin Timberlake and Kelis who get air time all damn day. What's so sad is that knowing Clear Channel, they will pimp this to death and no change will have been made. All anyone needs to do is check out what happened when local artists finally forced CC to play them here in the Bay Area..

The station narrow casted the local artists they would play and did it in such a way that they deliberately burnt them out and now very few get airplay because the audience3 got tired of hearing one type of sound. Instead of balancing it out with the wide array of styles and sound, we only heard one type of sound and literally one type of rap.

When local artists were getting played on the Clear Channel stations, there were scores of artists ranging from Souls of Mischief to Del to Blackalicious to Boots and the Coup that never saw very little if any love on the station. Also they played a lot of local music that was 15 years old thus leaving little opportunity for new joints to be heard..

I'm not sure who cut this deal, but they sure didn't do some case studies in places like the Bay Area,. Houston and Baltimore where local artists get played to see what works and what doesn't..

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