Labor Rights

Philly newspaper union ready to go on strike

Clear Channel calls for more radio consolidation; unions say consolidation already hurts democracy


Two articles, two diametrically opposed prescriptions for making radio better.

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Union cuts the cord on Two-Newspaper Seattle committee

by Eric Pryne, Seattle Times

Members of the largest union at Seattle's two daily newspapers reversed course Saturday and voted to cut ties with a citizens' committee that is fighting both newspapers in court.

The 70-38 vote by members of the Pacific Northwest Newspaper Guild is a significant

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Comcastic ain't so fantastic: labor rights for Comcast employees

[Reclaim the Media statement]

Comcast is the nation's largest cable company, with 21 million subscribers. Two years ago they were prepared to buy the entire Disney Corporation. Last year alone, CEO Brian Roberts received total compensation of $12.8 million. Yet when it comes to dealing with real

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UAW to pull the plug on liberal talk-radio network

by John Smyntek, Detroit Free Press

I. E. America Radio,the United Auto Workers-owned national radio network that was a multimillion-dollar attempt to offer liberal talk in a broadcast world dominated by conservatives, is going out of business early next year.

The Free Press learned Tuesday that

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Media Reform: It's a Labor Issue

[text of handout distributed at the International Labor Communications Association conference, Orlando]

Media Reform: It's a Labor Issue

�* WHY do so few Americans bother to vote, or to participate in civic political life?
�* WHY do many Americans believe the Bush Administration's terrible lies

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Media Politics: Consolidation Among the Unions

Media Politics: Consolidation Among the Unions
by Jonathan Lawson

The labor unions who represent media industry employees on the job have been anything but neutral as their megacorporate employers have pressed the FCC to allow more mergers and consolidation among radio, TV and newspaper corporations.

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