Julie C. and Seattle women in Hip Hop

RTM co-director Julie Chang Schulman is featured in a Seattle Weekly story celebrating Ladies First, Hidmo's monthly showcase of women in Seattle hip hop:

On the surface, [MC Julie] Chang Schulman seems an unlikely candidate for being a hard-core advocate for hip-hop. She grew up in a Chinese-Jewish home in the suburbs of Redmond. Her initial exposure to the music came from being a "latchkey kid who watched a lot of cable TV." Now 23, Chang Schulman teaches English at Brain Child Learning Center. Wearing thick-framed glasses and an oversized sweatshirt, she looks and behaves like a soft-spoken, bookish college student. But onstage as Julie C, that person disappears. She is a fierce MC, spitting rhymes with an intimidating assertiveness. "Fertile verbiage hurled with purpose/We making 'em nervous/They barely scraped surface/While our roots circling the earth's cervix/Calling curtains/On these marks in our crosshairs squirming," she shouts over the crowd.

Chang Schulman sees Ladies First as a way to promote a more accurate and empowering image of women in hip-hop. She envisions a transformation similar to that of the local food movement. "If people were to look, they would find artists in this community who regularly engage in social and human rights concerns," she says. "Local farmers were in a similar predicament where they were ignored by consumers, until the numerous benefits for people to buy locally were revealed...the No. 1 being that the product is higher quality."

Read the whole article, by Erica Hobart.

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