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Dan Rather is right

What I hate about political coverage

The racial politics of college newspapers

American public deserves a media 'surge' in Iraq


Sig Christenson of the San Antonio Express-News ridicules comments by politicians, laments the lack of reporters covering the war, and cites ground rules that are crippling for photojournalists. He says the media aren’t pressing for answers to vital and obvious questions, such as what plans the Pentagon has for an exit strategy.

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Karl Rove and the religion of the DC press


Savviness--that quality of being shrewd, practical, well-informed, perceptive, ironic, 'with it,' and unsentimental in all things political--is, in a sense, their professional religion. They make a cult of it. And it was this cult that Karl Rove understood and exploited for political gain."


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The media's job is to interest the public in the public interest. -John Dewey