Introducing the Digital Media Literacy Curriculum...

Reclaim the Media has been hard at work on a Digital Media Literacy curriculum, and we're finally getting ready to introduce it to the world (or at least the Pacific Northwest). In March and April, we will be holding introductory training sessions in Seattle to get potential trainees and training providers acquainted with the curriculum and hear some feedback on our approach to this emerging and important issue in digital justice and media literacy education.

We're looking for community technology educators, media activists, high school teachers, college professors, and anyone with a strong interest in media literacy, participatory media, and digital advocacy to attend these half-day sessions. If you're interested in attending or the curriculum in general, contact Sam Kimball, Digital Media Literacy Project Coordinator, at

About RTM's Digital Media Literacy Curriculum
As conversations heat up around broadband policy and net neutrality, it is important to recognize the role that literacy and citizen engagement play in the success of digital justice campaigns. Reclaim the Media's Digital Media Literacy curriculum aims to fill a need for increased consumer and citizen education around critical news consumption, participatory media, and digital advocacy. We hope that digital justice heroes from community technology educators to high school teachers can use this curriculum to bring more people into the increasingly digital world of political and social engagement.
The media's job is to interest the public in the public interest. -John Dewey