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Nasty, negative campaign ads. KIRO Radio, 19 October 10

FCC opens up on open Internet. The Conversation, KUOW-FM, 27 April 10

Join the FCC's fight for net neutrality in Seattle. Investigate West, 27 April 10

Federal court lifts ban to allow media consolidation. Free Speech Radio News, 24 Mar 10

Public interest and media justice groups ask FCC to address diversity problem in media. Common Dreams, 9 Mar 10

Broadband in Tuesday's election results. MuniNetworks, 5 Nov 09

Opening airwaves: Congress should tune into HR 1147. East Oregonian, 5 Nov 09

Grassroots groups speak up for Net Neutrality. Center for Media Justice, 29 Oct 09

Casa Latina, RTM and Seattle NOW tell CNN: stop Dobbs' media hate. Reclaim the Media, 21 Oct 09

Checking in on Seattle broadband. MuniNetworks, 19 Oct 09

Public interest groups criticize anti-Net Neutrality letter from "Blue Bell" House Dems. Reclaim the Media, 10 Oct 09

Community radio triumphs over big broadcasters in Washington. Radio Netherlands Worldwide, 10 Oct 09

Glenn Beck faces protests as he receives keys to Mount Vernon. Mark Taylor-Canfield, Free Speech Radio News, 28 Sept 09

The Struggle against Hate Media. Deep Dish TV, Waves of Change, 28 Sept 09

Glenn Beck Receives Key to Mt Vernon; Residents say, “Change the Locks!” News Hounds, 28 Sept 09

Signs of the Times. Ramblings, 27 Sept 09

Beck avoids politics in hometown visit. United Press International, 27 Sept 09

Glenn Beck given key to Mount Vernon. KING TV, 26 Sept 09

Fans, protesters flood streets on "Glenn Beck Day". KIRO TV, 26 Sept 09

Beck supporters, protesters line College Way. Kate Martin, Skagit Valley Herald, 26 Sept 09

Dispatches from Glenn Beck event in Mount Vernon. Nick Perry, Seattle Times, 26 Sept 09

Seattle Mayoral candidate sees broadband as essential. MuniNetworks, 24 Sept 09

You can't report from the Glenn Beck event. But can you tweet? Monica Guzman, Seattle Post-Intelligencer, 23 Sept 09

Coalition Organizes in Support of Mark Lloyd. Alexi Mostrous, Washington Post, 16 Sept 09

US broadband embarasses. MuniNetworks, 3 Sept 09

Experts clash over cell phone jamming at Senate hearing. Matthew Lasar, Ars Technica, 15 Jul 09

Broadband roundup: Chattanooga, Seattle, Portland and more. MuniNetworks, 15 Jul 09

City-Run Broadband. The Conversation with Ross Reynolds, KUOW, 13 Jul 09

Internet access isn't a luxury, it's a basic necessity. Kery Murakami, Seattle PostGlobe, 2 Jul 09

Seattle Needs Public Broadband. MuniNetworks, 1 Jul 09

Report: Next-Generation Broadband Ought to be Treated as a Public Utility. Noemie Maxwell, Washblog, 25 Jun 09

Digital media literacy part of Washington's groundbreaking broadband plans. Garlin Gilchrist, NW Progressive Institute Advocate, 12 Jun 09

TV's Big Day. Monica Guzman, Seattle Post-Intelligencer, 12 Jun 09

Television go blank? Maybe you weren't ready for DTV switch. Scott Gutierrez, Seattle Post-Intelligencer, 11 Jun 09

Keeping a Clear Picture for the DTV Switch Friday. Salem News, 11 Jun 09

Zenith Marks Final Week of Analog Television With Donations of Hundreds of Converter Boxes for Needy Viewers. Earth Times, 8 Jun 09

Push Is On To Prepare For DTV Switch . KIRO 7 Eyewitness News, 5 Jun 09

I Want My DTV: Groups Working to Keep All Connected. Public News Service, 5 Jun 09

Get ready for digital TV switch. Scott Gutierrez, Seattle Post-Intelligencer, 4 Jun 09

One Week Countdown to the Digital Television Transition, Seattle residents can exchange DTV coupons for a no-cost box on Friday. Seattle City Council, 4 Jun 09

Low-Cost Digital TV Converters Available Friday. Damon Agnos, Seattle Weekly, 3 Jun 09

Can Users Trust Broadband Internet Mapping Company? DaniWeb, 3 Jun 09

Thousands still struggling with DTV transition. Stanwood/Camano News, 26 May 09

Gettin' Digi With It: TV Transitions Are Almost Here. Damon Agnos, Seattle Weekly, 18 May 09

Washington State Legislature Passes Legislation Aimed at Increasing both Access and Adoption of Broadband Julie Schwartz, Progressive States Network, 30 Apr 09

Reclaim the Media Podcast with Daniel Hannah. Ecofactory, 2 April 09

Many minority communities not ready for DTV. Glenn Farley, KING-5 News, 31 Mar 09

Follow the Digital Transition on Twitter as Viewers, Stations Adjust. Jill Geisler, Poynter Online, 17 Feb 09

Many rural areas not taking advantage of DTV delay. Jonathan Lawson, Main Street News, 16 Feb 09

Plug in to DTV transition. Karen Toering, Seattle Post-Intelligencer, 16 Feb 09

Seattle Ethnic Media Say Confusion About Digital TV Transition Persists. Kenneth Kim, New America Media, 10 Feb 09

Reclaim the Media Praises DTV Transition Delay. Media and Democracy Coalition, 4 Feb 09

No Delay in DTV Switch. Brian Stimson, The Skanner, 29 Jan 09

Non-profits open "assistance centers" to offer digital TV help. Brier Dudley, Seattle Times, 26 Jan 09

Seattle Mayor, City Council urge retailers to provide options for a no-cost DTV conversion. Reclaim the Media, 22 Jan 09

Seattle ill-prepared to make digital TV switch. Cydney Gillis, Real Change News, 21 Jan 09

TV's digital promised land. Danny Westneat, Seattle Times, 7 Jan 09


DTV Updates on Digital Crossroads. Gavin Dahl, 2 Oct 08

The Local Community Radio Act will increase local voices, choices. Jonathan Lawson, Seattle Times, 25 Sep 08

Media Heroes trading cards. Cory Doctorow, BoingBoing, 8 July 08

Grassroots organizing at the NCMR. Andrew Ó Baoill, Funferal, 6 Jun 08

'Media Heroes' Trading Cards Honor Media Activists, Journalists. Common Dreams, 2 Jun 08

NPR's war on Low Power FM: the laws of physics vs. politics. Matthew Lasar, Ars Technica, 27 Apr 08

GAO shocker: local broadcasters offer more local news. Matthew Lasar, Ars Technica, 13 Apr 08

FCC Defies Citizen Input. Jonathan Lawson, Yes! Magazine, Spring 08

DTV legislation must Expand Availability of Unlicensed Spectrum to Promote Affordable Broadband Access. Benton Foundation, 15 Apr 08

GAO shocker: local broadcasters offer more local news. Matthew Lasar, Ars Technica, 13 Apr 08


2007 Best of Puget Sound: The best of Times. Seattle Times, 23 Dec 07

Public Interest Groups Call for Media Diversity and Localism in FCC Meeting. SaveAccess, 26 Nov 07

Big Turnout Against Big Media in Seattle. Andrew Bacon, Tahoma Organizer, 23 Nov 07

People understand threat of big media; so should FCC chairman. Mike Fancher, Seattle Times, 11 Nov 07

And now I've been to the FCC hearing... Brenda Cooper, Global Warming Notes from an Ordinary Futurist, 10 Nov 07

John Carlson speaks up on big media. Michael Hood, Blatherwatch, 10 Nov 07

Seattle opens can o' whoop ass on FCC chairman. Josh Silver, Huffington Post 10 Nov 07

Redress. Gavin Dahl, Digital Crossroads, 10 Nov 07

Slow the FCC chairman's runaway train. Portland Oregonian editorial, 10 Nov 07

FCC urged to oppose media consolidation. Brad Wong, Seattle Post-Intelligencer, 10 Nov 07

About 750 pack FCC hearing in Seattle, many oppose consolidation. Associated Press, 10 Nov 07

Seattle crowd blasts FCC on big media. Seattle Times, 10 Nov 07

Media ownership debated at FCC's Seattle hearing. NW Cable News, 10 Nov 07

Last night’s FCC hearing. Bryan Slodysko, The Stranger, 10 Nov 07

Seattle FCC Hearing: Democracy is in their hands: What are they thinking?. Noemie Maxwell, WashBlog, 9 Nov 07

FCC holds lively ownership hearing in Seattle. Radio Ink, 9 Nov 07

Media ownership debates at FCC's Seattle hearing. KING-5 TV, 9 Nov 07

FCC in Seattle: time to listen. Seattle Times editorial, 9 Nov 07

Weekday, KUOW-FM. Guests include Frank Blethen/Seattle Times, Jonathan Lawson/Reclaim the Media, Mark Allen/WA Assn. of Broadcasters, Commissioner Jonathan Adelstein. 8 Nov 07

The broadcasting industry's weak arguments on ownership. Jonathan Lawson, Reclaim the Media, 8 Nov 07

FCC should face reality. Mark Allen/WA Assn. of Broadcasters, Seattle Times, 8 Nov 07

Localism and diversity should be FCC's priority. Scott McCaughey, Seattle Times, 8 Nov 07

Q&A with Commissioner Michael Copps (, 7 Nov 07)

Please, please, please FCC (Lynne Varner, Seattle Times, 7 Nov 07)

Democracy will be heard (Seattle Times editorial, 6 Nov 07)

The full commission comes to Seattle (Geov Parrish, Horses Ass, 4 Nov 07)

Headlong into the murk of media (Seattle Times editorial, 4 Nov 07)

Ignoring Cantwell and Inslee, FCC rushes to conclude nationwide ownership debate in Seattle . Reclaim the Media, 4 Nov 07

FCC announces Seattle hearing to be held Friday. Eric Pryne, Seattle Times, 3 Nov 07

Second battle of Seattle? FCC Democrats call short notice for Seattle hearing "outrageous" (Matthew Lasar, Lasar Letter 2 Nov 07)

Inslee and rockers for net neutrality. Brier Dudley, Seattle Times, 30 Oct 07

Seattle Rocks the Net as Inslee Renews Call for Net Neutrality. Seattle 24x7, 30 Oct 07

Seattle rocks the net as Inslee renews call for net neutrality. Reclaim the Media, 30 Oct 07

Rock the Net: Campaign for Net Neutrality Rocks Seattle. Future of Music Coalition, 26 Oct 07

Critical Media Consolidation Hearing in Seattle: Does the FCC Hope we Don't Show Up?. Noemie Maxwell, WashBlog, 23 Oct 07

Last FCC Ownership hearing in Seattle? (Paul Riismandel, Media Geek, 22 Oct 07)

Media reformers to Martin: DTV is about quality, not quantity. Matthew Lasar, Lasar Letter, 21 Oct 07

The Conversation, KUOW-FM (19 Oct 07)

Reclaim the Media Presents Community Media Film Festival. Paul Riismandel, MediaGeek, 16 Oct 07

FCC to choose Seattle for final hearing on media ownership (David Goldstein, Horses Ass, 8 Oct 07)

Media reform groups tell FCC to "leave no viewer behind" on DTV transition. Matthew Lasar, Lasar Letter, 19 Sep 07

Grassroots media activism organizes for power . Jonathan Lawson, Reclaim the Media, 5 Jul 07

Critical Focus on Reclaim the Media (video). John Donovan, Cambridge Community TV, 8 May 07

Latest on Bell 'Franchise Reform' Push. Broadband Reports, 3 May 07

New video bill would benefit Qwest, but hurt citizens and consumers., 23 Feb 07

There is No Media Justice Without Women: Models for Feminist Media Action. Sarah Kuck, Yes Magazine, 14 Feb 07

Local media content shouldn't be a luxury . Eric Klinenberg, Seattle Times, 1 Feb 07


Hosts of public hearing don't want FCC to relax media-ownership rules. Eric Pryne, Seattle Times, 30 Nov 06

Media On The Feminist Agenda. Jenn Pozner,, 13 Nov 06

The importance of community radio and the challenges it faces. Paul Riismandel, MediaGeek Radio, 30 Sep 06

On Radio: What to do with all those shows? Bill Virgin, Seattle Post-Intelligencer, 17 Aug 06

Interview with Susan Gleason and Daniel Hannah. Sue Supriano, Steppin' out of Babylon, 1 Aug 06

Telecom bill would leave U.S. lagging behind rest of world. Mike Weisman, Seattle Times, 29 June 06


Media Matters. Silja J.A. Talvi, Colors NW, 1 Oct 05

Comcast Foes Are Lining Up at FCC. Ted Hearn, Multichannel News, 31 Jul 05

Groups Call for Adelphia Conditions. Ted Hearn, Multichannel News, 22 Jul 05

National Conference on Media Reform Reportback. Infoshop News, 17 May 05

Seattle Weighs in on Comcast Shareholder Proposal. Common Dreams, 1 Jun 05

KZAM mavericks plan a rockin' reunion. Susan Paynter, Seattle Post-Intelligencer, 23 Mar 05

Take the politics out of the FCC. The Signal, 22 Mar 05

Time to retool the FCC for the public's interests. Jonathan Lawson, Seattle Times, 1 Mar 05

Fixing Radio. Jonathan Lawson, Clamor, March/April 05

Media Hero: DeeDee Halleck. Jonathan Lawson, Yes! Magazine, Spring 05


Court Rejects Media Deregulation. Jonathan Lawson, Yes! Magazine, Fall 04

Ignorance isn't funny: Becoming informed is no laughing matter. Sharon Altaras, Seattle Times, 14 Aug 04

Seattle Statement on Radio Looks to Reform. Radio Magazine, 21 Jun 04

Seattle Statement on Radio Spells Out Public-Interest Vision for Reform. AFTRA, 21 Jun 04

Coalition Of Music Industry Professionals, Radio Broadcasters And Consumer Advocates Call For Radio Industry Changes. Music Industry News, 13 Jun 04

Seattle Radio Group: Target Consolidation, not Indecency; Support Community Radio. Common Dreams, 24 Mar 04


Comcast can do better by subscribers. Jonathan Lawson, Seattle Post-Intelligencer, 18 Dec 03

Look who's standing up to big media. Fiona Morgan, Independent Weekly, 26 Mar 03

FCC panel plugs media regulation. Lauren Graf, The Daily, 10 Mar 03

FCC Commishs hear more than 3 hours of real public testimony in Seattle. Paul Riismandel, MediaGeek, 10 Mar 03

Reportback from Seattle FCC Festivities., 10 Mar 03

Whose Media?. Philip Dawdy, Seattle Weekly, 5 Mar 03

FCC hearing to cover range of media issues. Bill Virgin, Seattle Post-Intelligencer, 5 March 03


CLEAR CHANNEL: the Media Mammoth that Stole the Airwaves. Jeff Perlstein, CorpWatch, 14 Nov 02

Reclaim the Media (video). Lila Kitaeff, Pepperspray Productions, Oct 2002

Radio killed the radio star. Todd Spencer, 1 Oct 02

Mosquito Fleet Stings NAB. Oct 02

Radio Static. Sandeep Kaushik, The Stranger, 19 Sep 02

Protester Ejected From NAB Exhibit Floor. RROnline, 14 Sep 02

FCC Prompts a Radio Daze: Review of Ownership Rules Has Industry, Critics all Abuzz. Bill Virgin, Seattle Post-Intelligencer, 14 Sep 02

Renowned journalists preach democratic media at a packed Seattle Town Hall. Brandon Faloona, Seattle Indymedia, 14 Sep 02

Broadcast power held by too few, critics say. Taha Ebrahimi, Seattle Times, 14 Sep 02

Prometheus/Cheap Channel Storm the NAB!. Seattle Indymedia, 13 Sep 02

Broadcasters Convention Will Have a Shadow. Bill Virgin, Seattle Post-Intelligencer, 12 Sept 02

Steve Scher's sneering response to a media justice activist. Seattle Indymedia, 11 Sep 02

Media Democracy Movement Challenges National Association of Broadcasters. Jonathan Lawson and Susan Gleason, Media Alliance, 2002

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