I See Black People

I See Black People: the Rise and Fall of African American-Owned Television and Radio
by Kristal Brent Zook [Nation]

The waves of consolidation which hit tv and radio in the late 90s dramatically reduced the number of stations, already low, owned and run by people of color. While African Americans and Latinos make up an increasingly large percentage of our population, rates of minority ownership and control of programming remain disproportionately low. Through detailed personal interviews with current and former black station owners and media entrepreneurs, Zook shows both the need for black media ownership and the consequences when a black-owned station is lost. The book also recounts the sucesses and flaws of federal initiatives such as the Minority Ownership Policy, and details some of the business negotiations and legal wrangling of small stations struggling to maintain their identity and independence in a market being consumed by large corporations. -jl

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