Austin community radio station silenced by fire - again

by Paige Maguire, Austinist

For the third time in two years, community based public radio station KOOP 91.7 fm has suffered a studio fire that has put a halt to programming.

Austin Fire Department's community outreach director has indicated that Sunday's fire caused about $100,000 in structural damages and $200,000 in content damages. The source of the fire is unknown and under investigation at this time.

KOOP's first fire in 2006 was caused by a lit cigarette, and the second began in a neighboring building. In December 2006, the station moved to a new facility on Airport Blvd. and had been flame-free, until now.

The Austin community will miss the station's progressive programming (and Jamaican gold on Sundays) until the repairs (estimated now by Kim McCarson, the station's executive director, as being a few weeks worth) are complete. Until then, stay tuned for ways you can support the station during this upsetting period of silence.

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