Fixing Radio Forum


February 28, 2004, 3pm

JBL Theater, Experience Music Project, Seattle

On February 28, broadcasting professionals, listeners, recording artists, media democracy activists and public officials came together to advance the debate around radio ownership. Through two informal panels, participants moved beyond critique to a forward-looking discussion of how radio can more effectively serve artists, fans, local music communities and citizens.

As the FCC's task force on localism holds hearings around the country, the Fixing Radio Forum focused consideration on the Commission's traditional regulatory priorities of "localism, competition and diversity. On the morning after the public forum, key participants reconvened to distill the weekend's insights into a set of concrete policy recommendations - providing some instructions on how our government, media owners and local communities can work to fix radio.

Featured participants included:

Michael Bracy (Future of Music Coalition), Frank Barrow (Kris Bennett Broadcasting), Ann Chaitovitz (AFTRA), representatives from Clear Channel [invited], Simon Grant (AFM Seattle), Jonathan Lawson (Reclaim the Media), Sharon Maeda (Spectra Communications; former ED, Pacifica Radio) [invited], Phil Manning (KNDD The End/Entercom), Tom Mara (KEXP), David Meinert (Fuzed Music),
Sir Mix-A-Lot (recording artist), John Sandifer (AFTRA Seattle), Bruce Wirth (KBCS), and Billy Zero (Unsigned/XM)

Moderated by Ross Reynolds (KUOW) and Michael Tierney (Blue Team Management; formerly KUBE, VH1). Introductory comments from Sharon Nelson, Washington State Attorney General's office; national Chair, Consumers Union), and a statement on behalf of Senator Maria Cantwell.

Seattle Statement on Radio

audio: Fixing Radio panel on RADIO (wma/ra)

audio: Fixing Radio panel on POLICY and LOCALISM (wma/ra)

The Fixing Radio Forum was a collaborative presentation of the Recording Academy (Northwest Chapter)

, Reclaim the Media, the Future of Music Coalition, Experience Music Project, Music for America and KEXP.For information call 206.834.1000.


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