Community Media and Social Change: ACM Tacoma, 9-12 July 2003

The Alliance for Community Media
and Reclaim the Media present:

Community Media & Social Change
Workshops • Networking • Film Festival
Created by and for the Media and Social Justice Community
July 9-12, 2003
Sheraton Hotel,Tacoma, WA

Community television has always been involved in social media work; that is, using media tools for public education & action. We are not alone. Activists, educators, grassroots non-profit organizations, and media makers continually find innovative ways to use media tools and other technology to tell their stories, bring their perspectives and experiences to build community and sustainable development. Social issue media practices can bring together community activists, non-profits and arts organizations to help us expand our strategies and make stronger links with other community initiatives and institutions. In this interactive workshop, we will describe the case for social media "embedded" throughout the AMC conference; hear about what is at stake to defend and expand democracy and freedom of expression; share and create regional, national and international strategies between community media and grassroots groups; and establish a network of people interested in working together to build resources that ensure a thriving future for community media.

Wednesday, July 9

Media for Social Change
Pre-Conference Symposium

1:00 - 2:45 PM
Social Issue Media In Action Screening
Some of the best video and digital media will be presented by Seattle's cutting edge media centers, 911 Media Arts and The Seattle Independent Media Center.
Programmed and introduced by Karen Toering of 911 Media Arts and Susan Gleason of the Seattle Independent Media Center. Bring your own popcorn and discover why and how social media can make a difference!

3:00 PM
Welcome and Introduction to Pre-Conference Workshop

Karen Toering,
ACM Board of Directors and co-organizer of Media for Social Change

3:15 -- 5:00 PM
What is the Media Democracy Movement and
Why Should We Be A Part of It?

Media Democracy movements to reclaim the media and protect and defend freedom of expression are growing like wildfire across the country as the Federal Communications Commission attempts to de-regulate and leave us with a homogenized source of news and information. Learn from local and regional organizers inside, outside and across the independent and community media landscape about what are the key issues and strategies, how they are organizing to benefit the public interest, preserve localism, diversity of voices and resist media consolidation. Discover how you can participate locally, nationally and globally to save and strengthen these mediums of communication and social change. There will be plenty of time for sharing and discussion.

Moderator: Susan Gleason, Reclaim the Media and Seattle Community Access Network Board of Directors (confirmed)
Sharon Maeda, Spectra Communications (confirmed)
Kristen Walsh, KBCS Radio, Bellevue, WA (confirmed)
Inja Coates, Media Tank, Philadelphia (confirmed)
Nicole Bettancourt, (confirmed)
Dan Merkle, Center for Social Justice (confirmed)

5:30 - 7:30 PM
Continuing Conversations Reception and Cash Bar

8:00 - 10:00 PM
Media for Social Change part II

Organized and introduced by Free Speech TV and

Friday, July 11

Community Media and Social Change
A Day-Long "Mini Conference" by & for Social Justice & Media Activists
and Community Television (PEG) Leaders

10:30 AM - 12:00 PM
Social Justice and Community Media
From organizing tools, promotion of your events and actions, information and communication and ultimately having access to tell your own story, media is critical to the success or lack thereof to building a movement for social justice and peace. The tools of community media, engaging corporate media, ethnic and student presses and new technologies such as the Internet as well as microbroasting/pirate radio are changing the ways we organize. Some of the leading voices in independent media and social change will share their stories and strategies.

Moderator: Sharon Maeda, Spectra Communications (confirmed)
Patrice O'Neill, The Working Group (producer of "Not In Our Town", "We Do The Work", etc), San Francisco (confirmed)
Thenmozhi Soundararajan, Third World Majority, Oakland (confirmed)
Art McGee, Media Justice Network, Oakland (confirmed, awaiting funding)

NOON -- 2 PM

Gather with fellow activists, independent media makers and social justice leaders for lively roundtable discussion!

2:15 - 4:15 PM
Become the Media! Diverse Communities Spread the Word!

Community organizations and grassroots activists have stories to tell, community needs to address, and little knowledge to access and reclaim our community media. What are some exciting ways community media is being used to build a movement for social change in local communities and across the country? How can community television stations and media centers increase their community relevance by building partnerships with communities of color, youth, low-income and other groups? A panel of organizers and community media leaders will tell all in this skills-building workshop.

Moderator, Elise Child, Seattle Community Access Network (confirmed)
Kush Bambrah, Washington State Hate Free Zone (almost confirmed)
Anthony Riddle, Media Justice Fund/Funding Exchange, NYC (confirmed)
Sarah Ankersmit, SCAN Youth Channel and SAME, Seattle (confirmed)
Claude Marks, Freedom Archives, San Francisco (confirmed)
Naomi Ishisaka, Colors NW magazine, Seattle (confirmed)

4:30 – 5 PM
Participate in the Equal Opportunity Caucus

Designed to insure diversity throughout the ACM.

Thursday, July 10th
2:15 - 4:45 PM

Making New Media Work For You!

Innovative strategies using the internet and digital media for outreach, civic
engagement, and community storytelling. New models and approaches to help Access
centers fulfill their mission.

Moderator: Jesikah Maria Ross, Media for Social Change
Nicole Bettancourt, New York City (confirmed)
Thenmozhi Soundararajan, Third World Majority, Oakland, CA

Saturday July 12th
2:15 - 4:15 pm

Show Me the Money! New Social Issue Media Funding Initiatives

This interactive workshop will highlight sources of funding that prioritize engaging diverse communities, increasing the role of social issue media and media justice.

Anthony Riddle, Media Justice Fund/Funding Exchange
Jan Strout, MediaWorks Initiative and co-organizer, Media for Social Change

Media tools can be effectively used to strengthen the fabric of community life, engage the public, and build bridges across neighborhoods, generations, cultural groups, and decision makers. Community media is a means to transform lives, communities, institutions, and society. To be effective, community media folks need an array of skills in building partnerships, outreach, cultural competence, resource development and advocacy. Join experienced community television, social justice, community development and media democracy leaders for an interactive series of hands-on workshops about lessons learned and how to shape the future of our work!

The media's job is to interest the public in the public interest. -John Dewey