Switching to DTV will be messy

By Kevin Parrish, Tom's Guide

A federal communications official says that switching all U.S. televisions to digital will be messy.

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FCC Commissioners compare notes on DTV conversion

By John Eggerton -- Broadcasting & Cable, 10/14/2008 12:29:00 PM

FCC Commissioner Robert McDowell surprised reporters Tuesday with the news that the five commissioners had met last week to discuss their lessons learned from the Wilmington early DTV switch and their respective visits to markets with high analog TV viewership.

It was the first such collective meeting of the five commissioners outside the monthly public meetings in McDowell's tenure, he said.

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Don't believe the (DTV) hype


The transition to digital was supposed to revolutionize free TV. So what’s with the high-def reruns?

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DTV coupon program could run out of cash

by Bob Williams, Hear Us Now

For months now the Commerce Department office in charge of the government’s digital television conversion box coupon program has been insisting it has enough money to make sure everyone who wants to get two of the $40 coupons will be able to do so.

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DTV switch reveals hitch, as some viewers lose local stations

by Betsy Schiffman, Wired

The FCC learned a couple valuable lessons from the digital television switch in Wilmington, N.C. a couple weeks ago. First: Public awareness was not a problem. Second: Access to local affiliate stations' transmission was.

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FCC claims 99 percent success in DTV shift

by Chloe Albanesius, PC Magazine

With the digital television transition just five months away, members of a House panel Tuesday grilled officials on their preparedness and questioned why the Commerce Department has requested additional funds to carry out its DTV plans.

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The $70 billion spectrum ripoff


What do broadcasters really plan to do with the new channels? Air reruns and weather reports.

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FCC Commissioners hit the road to reassure/terrify TV viewers

by Matthew Lasar, Ars Technica

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FCC chief explains DTV switch: why Wilmington?

Source: Jonathan B. Cox, Raleigh News and Observer

Congress mandated the switch to digital television by February 2009, but Kevin Martin has to make sure it happens.

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Why US prisons want their digital television

Jim Davenport, Associated Press

The big switch to digital TV has prison officials scrambling to keep one of the most important peacekeeping tools in prisons across the nation – broadcast television. When the nation's broadcasters make the switch from analog to digital signals next Feb. 17, televisions that aren't hooked up to cable, satellite or a converter box will be reduced to static.

While TV might seem like an undeserved luxury for inmates, prison officials and inmates say the tube does more than fill year after year of idle hours – it provides a sense of normalcy and is a bargaining chip that encourages good behaviour.

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