Millions still not ready for DTV transition

by Eric A.Taub, Gadgetwise/New York Times

With just slightly more than two weeks to go before the nation shuts off its analog broadcast TV system, 3.1 million households, 2.7 percent of the nation, are not ready to receive digital signals on their TVs.

That’s the word from Nielsen; the company notes that that number continues to decline, with about 100,000 more households getting equipped each week. If that holds, then only around 2.9 million households will be wondering where their TV channels went come June 13th.

Nielsen gets its data by extrapolating information from its metered households. Among minorities, readiness is much worse; 5.4 percent of African-Americans, 4.7 percent of Hispanics, and 3.2 percent of Asians are not ready, compared to 2.1 percent of whites.

Also, readiness by cities ranges widely. The most prepared city is West Palm Beach, Fla., where only 1.8 percent are not ready. The worst is Albuquerque, N.M., where more than 8 percent may lose their channels.

If you still haven’t purchased a digital TV converter box, and you receive over-the-air signals with an analog TV, it’s time to think about taking a trip down to your big box electronics store. If you have cable or satellite TV, you don’t have to do anything right now.

article originally published at Gadgetwise/New York Times.

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