DTV transition likely to be delayed to June 12

by Reclaim the Media

One day after the Senate voted unanimously to delay the digital TV transition date until June 12, House Energy and Commerce Committee chair Henry Waxman has signalled that the House is likely to follow suit as early as today. Waxman's statement: "I am pleased that the Senate has acted to delay the deadline, which is our only hope of mitigating the negative impact on millions of consumers. In light of the Senate action, I will work with the House Democratic Leadership to bring up the Senate bill for consideration Tuesday."

The delay will probably pave the way for replenished funds for the NTIA's troubled DTV converter box coupon program. The waiting list for coupons now stands at over 3 million, and consumers are reporting long delays between ordering and receiving the coupons. The government may also provide additional funding for education and outreach related to the switch to digital TV.

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