For Analog TV, the end is near!

Friday, June 12 is the date that all remaining major TV stations will go digital-only; if you watch over-the-air TV, your screen will go blank unless you have a converter box or a digital-ready TV. Recent estimates suggested that there may still be more than 30,000 households in the Seattle-Tacoma area who are not ready for the switch. Here are a few tips for last-minute switchers:

Get a box! There are several options for getting a $40 box (basically free if you have a coupon. Fred Meyer stores are making good on their promise to sell a $40 box. Online retailers with $40 boxes include Target is selling boxes for $45. If you already have a UHF (loop) antenna, you may not need a new antenna. Try your current antenna before buying a new one. If you do need a new antenna, they run between $10 and $40 .

Get a coupon! If you haven't gotten a coupon, it's not too late--even though at this point you will be without TV for a week or so. The fastest way to order coupons is online at, or by calling 888.DTV.2009.

Get help! For information, visit one of Seattle's local DTV assistance centers (listed on the left column of this page) or call 206.508.1277. Several organizations have received government funding to help you with home installation: Call Installs, Inc at 800.582.4250, Apollo Industries at 800.504.5677, or Best Buy (no purchase necessary) at 877.229.3889.

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