Yes, the Film Festival rocked.

Thanks to everyone who made RTM's first-ever Community Media Film Festival a success! We showed a series of great films, including the Seattle-produced Pirate Radio USA and Un Poquito de Tanta Verdad, as well as Making Waves, Michael Lahey's fascinating look at some fascinating characters doing unlicensed radio in Tucson.

We were disappointed Tuesday night not to be able to share the company of community media visionary DeeDee Halleck, who was scheduled to introduce the film Paper Tiger Watches Paper Tiger Television, a 25-year retrospective of the groundbreaking and inspirational public access TV program. DeeDee had to sit this one out on account of the flu. That didn't stop the closing-night audience from enjoying a quick double-feature of the Paper Tiger film plus a documentary short, Pepperspray Productions' Ya Se Pudo, covering the Low-Power FM barnraising at PCUN in Woodburn, Oregon last fall.

At the panel discussion that closed the festival, we heard from a slate of community media activists and producers working in and around Seattle. Panelists included filmmakers Lila Kitaeff (Pepperspray) and Jill Friedberg (Un Poquito de Tanta Verdad), public access producer Marshall Parker (SCAN-TV), community radio makers Joaquin Uy (KBCS) and Jerome Edge (KSVR), youth media activist Marissa Chavez (Youth Media Institute) and online social networking news innovator Jeff Reifman (

Special thanks to festival curator Jill Freidberg and to Allan and Leslie from Chicago's Radios Populares who launched the festival Sunday afternoon with a kickass microradio workshop held at local bike shop 2020 Cycle.

We're not pausing to take a breath, with our Rock the Net event coming up next week and anFCC Media Ownership Hearing hot on its heels, we can't help ourselves - we're already daydreaming about next year's community media film festival. So stay tuned!

The media's job is to interest the public in the public interest. -John Dewey