Welcome to reclaimthemedia.org 2.0

For the first time in over four years, Reclaim the Media has undergone a major website revamp, moving to the dynamic, open-source Drupal content management system. All of the features of the old RTM site will remain, as well as the familiar look and feel. Please excuse any temporary malfunctions, and read on for a partial list of what's new!

New (or coming soon)on the site:

  • Blogs: new blogs for RTM, our projects, and some of our community advisors
  • Easier, more articulate navigation
  • Contextualized resources and links
  • More robust "take action" campaigns
  • Improved syndication
  • Improved search capability

Known issues:

  • Archives: our archives of over 2500 articles is temporarily unavailable. We appreciate all the emails we've been getting asking about the archives--they let us know that the site is being used widely! We'll have this problem fixed as soon as possible, and the archives restored. In the meantime, if you're looking for something particular, don't hesitate to email us.
  • Broken links and missing photos: when you spot these, please drop us an email at universaldeclaration [at] reclaimthemedia.org.

Since its launch in spring 2002, reclaimthemedia.org hs been edited and maintained entirely by volunteers. Edited by RTM director Jonathan Lawson, the site was originally constructed by Eggplant Active Media and has been hosted by our heroes at Riseup.net.

The new site was developed by DigitalAid and Riseup in collaboration with RTM, and is currently hosted by DigitalAid.

Drupal, our new codebase, is an open-source content management system used by many progessive activist groups. Its flexibility, modularity and active, generous community of support make it a good fit for Reclaim the Media as we continue to expand our operations and expand our website.

The media's job is to interest the public in the public interest. -John Dewey