We build game-changing communities with Open Internet: Rahwa Habte

"My sister and I own and operate a small business in Seattle’s Central District. The area that our restaurant's located in is relatively low-income and relatively high pockets of refugees and immigrants surround the area. I use the internet in every single aspect of what I do. I’m able to be creative and find ways around a lot of challenges that I face. The way that we are changing our community is through art and through music. We’ve become very well known, through the internet, locally and nationally - even internationally. We’ve been able to connect with artists and organizers all over the United States and other countries. It’s very important that we have an open and free way to do that - freedom of exchange of art and ideas through the internet. We’ve built lasting relationships and we’ve changed lots of young people’s lives. We’ve changed the game in Seattle by accessing the internet.”

-- Rahwa Habte, owner of Hidmo Eritrean Restaurant in Seattle, comments to the FCC on preserving a fair and open Internet, Seattle 27 April 2010

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