The Twomp: Seattle hip-hop is on fire

Reclaim the Media co-director Julie Chang Schulman has helped launch a new Seattle hip-hop web radio program, The Twomp - hosted by Davey D's Breakdown FM. Read what Dave has to day about it and our local scene, and listen to a recent episode recorded for the recent 206 Zulu showcase

[by Davey D, Breakdown FM]

Yo, I just got back from the 206 Zulu Anniversary/ Sundiata Festival in Seattle- all I can say that SHIT WAS ON FULL FIRE. It was abreath of fresh air.. I'm glad I skipped the drama and ignorance in Vegas at the Allstar weekend...

This past weekend up in Sea-town one felt the magic in the air as folks were doing more than just rapping and breaking, but seriously ORGANIZING in ways that will hopefully substain them for years to come. Also of note they have strong set of women up in the NW holding it down in ways that most can only wish to do..

Below is one project resulting from that organizing-It's a local radio show called the Twomp. They flipped this into weekly or bi-weekly mixtape that specifically highlights local cats in that area. They been using this project as a way to build bridges and bring folks together, by asking local artists to donate time or a song for the mixtapes..

All weekend long I saw people giving these CDs out for free with folks reacting positively. Cats felt a sense of ownership and felt they had a stake in the tapes. This will only get better. Pittsburgh has similar concept unfolding with Paradise of X-clan as do the folks in Indianapolis with the Mud kids and DJ Indiana Jones.

As I said before with the industry crumbling and mid-level executives desperate to save their jobs running around asking is Hip Hop dead? I say hell yeah and good riddance. The industry side of things has damn near run its course.The spotlight is turning on regional scenes. Now is the time for folks to connect the art and music with community and build serious infrastructure that completely bypasses this decrepit music industry. This is what you see happening in Seattle...This is what you see happening in Pittsburgh. This is what has been happening in the Bay Area.

Anyway enjoy the Twomp radio show there's more to come..Celebrate local music and culture and lets connect the dots nationally!


Breakdown FM: The Twomp-A Journey Through Seattle Hip Hop

Mers from Dred I Movement, Julie C [Reclaim the Media] and B-Girl Chillz take us on a journey through the gritty sounds of the Emerald City in a new radio show they call the Twomp. Sleepless in Seattle?-You're damn right. There's no way you can or should sleep on the talent in this town. Everyone is wide awake and making big time moves. If you sleep on the artists in the Sea-Town you'll wake up regretting it big time. Today's Seattle artists from Silent of the Lambs to Common Market to Blue Scholars to Choklate have firmly built upon the reputation that nationally known pioneers like Sir Mix-a-lot and Nasty Nes have laid down.

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