The Communications Commons - Internet Access for All

Nolan Bowie at NFCB ConferenceReclaim the Media participated in the National Federation of Community Broadcasters annual conference in Portland, Oregon this past April, where we had the opportunity to hear Nolan Bowie, Adjunct Lecturer in Public Policy at Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government. Nolan delivered a keynote address about the critical need for universal communication technology (universal broadband and/or wifi internet access) in a time of uncertainty and risk – whether the dangers be health-related (avian flu pandemic), security related (war/terror), national disasters (hurricanes/earthquakes) or economically-driven (peak oil/dollar collapse). The full audio recording of his talk is archived on the NFCB website.

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Photo: Nolan Bowie at NFCB Conference (Portland, Oregon, April 2006)

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