is expanding into Seattle is expanding its coverage to Seattle, currently soliciting support for three Seattle-focused stories to be researched and written by independent journalists, The project, launched a couple years ago in San Francisco by David Cohn, uses an innovative community-funded model for investigative journalism. With the help of independent journalists and readers, identifies news stories that need to be researched and reported--then sets a reporting budget and solicits contributions to fund the reporting. Contributions may come from any source--individuals, organizations or news outlets--and the resulting coverage is published online, either on or under license to another news outlet.

Here's's recent announcement:

We're launching a Seattle branch with three pitches and we hope more reporters and news organizations partner with us going forward. For now, check out and please support the three investigations that are underway.

1. How green are cruise ship dollars?
Have you ever wondered how much food, energy and pollution is spent on the cruise ships that pass through Seattle? So does Investigate West - and that's why they are tackling this timely investigation.

2. Homelessness in King County
Five years into a 10-year plan to fight homelessness, how is the county doing? An important question being asked by Eric Ruthford, who is part of The Seattle Post Globe.

3. A series on the Port of Seattle
A three-part series on the port's cultural background, political uniqueness and safety checks. This series is being led by reporter Johnathon Fitzpatrick. Interested in first publishing rights for part of the series? Let us know!

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