Speak out on Seattle's cable deal with Comcast!

SPEAK OUT on Seattle's proposed franchise deal with Comcast! The city's single public hearing on the franchise, which will set cable service standards for the next ten years, is scheduled for March 30. Learn about the issues on RTM's website and by attending our March 27 preparatory meeting. Here's the information:

MONDAY, March 27, 5:30pm
Panama Hotel, 605 S. Main, Seattle (www.panamahotel.net):
RTM community meeting on the Comcast franchise

Come hear the latest on the city's proposed Comcast franchise--and how it's a bad deal for Seattle cable viewers, local arts and artists, Comcast employees, and others. Read more about the the franchise here [links currently disabled] (Please rsvp for the 27th if you can make it).

THURSDAY, March 30, 5:30pm
Seattle Center, Shaw Room
City Council public hearing on the Comcast franchise

This public hearing is Seattle's main opportunity to weigh in on the Mayor's proposed franchise agreement with Comcast. The hearing will be held at the Seattle Center, Shaw Room, just north of Key Arena (local directions here). Signup for testimony begins at 5pm. More information on the hearing: http://www.ci.seattle.wa.us/council/issues/cable.htm

For more information about the RTM meeting or the franchise, or to let us know that you want to testify on the 30th but can't attend the March 27 meeting, contact jonathan@reclaimthemedia.org or karen@reclaimthemedia.org.

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