Seattle Rocks the Net: Matt Nathanson at the Crocodile, Oct. 30

On Oct. 30, independent rocker Matt Nathanson stands up for Internet freedom and Net Neutrality as he takes the stage at Seattle's Crocodile Café (8:30pm, all ages). It's part of a national campaign to Rock The Net: bands and musicians joining forces to keep the Internet free and open!

The show is presented by Reclaim the Media, the Future of Music Coalition, and the ACLU of Washington.

On the afternoon of the show, Rep. Jay Inslee joined Matt Nathanson for a telephone press conference on Net Neutrality. Also on the call were Nabil Ayers (Sonic Boom Records), Michael Bracy (Future of Music Coalition) and Jonathan Lawson (Reclaim the Media). Listen to the press conference. (mp3)

The Internet is always evolving as an endlessly diverse, interactive medium for culture and entertainment. Rock fans and musicians understand what's at stake in the fight for Internet freedom - especially after AT&T used their mute button to silence Pearl Jam when they dared to criticize President Bush during a live webcast. Independent online music distributors and customers deserve to know that they'll have the same high-speed access to each other as their big competitors - Comcast, Qwest and AT&T shouldn't be allowed to sell the best access to the highest bidder.

Everyone who uses the Internet for getting news, communicating with friends, sharing music or community organizing should be able to trust that all "bits" of information are created equal. That principle is called Net Neutrality - the First Amendment of the Internet. Net Neutrality is under attack by the big cable and telecom companies that own the digital pipelines at the heart of the Internet.

When we pick an Internet plan for our personal use, we choose the speed we want and pay accordingly. But big cable and big telecom want to segregate the net – letting some favored websites load faster and others slower, or not at all. That goes against the democratic nature of the Internet; it undermines consumer choice and real competition. Our Internet experience shouldn't be built around hidden roadblocks based on corporate control or someone else's politics. Join Matt Nathanson in the fight for Net Neutrality!

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Visit Save the Internet for the latest updates on what Congress and the FCC are doing about Internet freedom.

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