SCAN-TV launches webcast

Seattle's public access channel SCAN-TV has launched a live, 24-hour webcast. If you have a reasonably fast network connection, you can check out Seattle's coolest TV lineup of public affairs programs, local cultural artifacts, and a fair number of kooks and ranters. Read the weekly schedule here (or read the extended entry below for our suggested list of shows to catch), and Click here to watch live.

Recommended public affairs viewing on SCAN:

Community Women's Voices (2nd Suns, 7:30pm)
Speaking of Freedom (3nd Suns, 7:30pm)
Real Change TV (4th Suns, 7:30pm)
Pirate Television (Mon, 7pm)
SCAN Connections (Mon, 9:30pm)
Talking Stick TV (Tues, 3pm)
Reclaim the Media TV (Tues, 5:30pm)
Speaking for Ourselves to Each Other (2nd Weds, 7pm)
Reclaim Democracy (2nd and 4th Weds, 7:30pm)
Public Exposure (Thurs, 7pm)
Indymedia Presents (Thurs, 7:30pm)
Social Justice Television (Fri, 9pm)
Forward Focus (Sat, 9:30am)

and let's not forget...
Democracy Now (weekdays, 5am--live!)

The media's job is to interest the public in the public interest. -John Dewey