Before switch, RTM provides DTV converter boxes to Seattle YWCA residents

On Thursday, June 11th, organizers of Reclaim the Media's Seattle DTV Assistance center partnered with the Seattle YWCA to distribute about 100 donated digital TV converter boxes to YWCA residents who were unable to apply for the government’s $40 coupon program through regular channels.

While apartment dwellers are nominally eligible for the coupons, the YWCA residents ran into trouble when the government's coupon distribution system failed to recognize the YWCA address as a residence.

The Seattle DTV Assistance Center, organized by Reclaim the Media in affiliation with the Leadership Conference on Civil Rights Education Fund, was able to provide the YWCA residents with free converter boxes thanks to an equipment donation from Zenith/LG Electronics.

With just one day until the transition, DTV experts from Reclaim the Media and the Leadership Conference on Civil Rights were on hand Thursday to offer YWCA families the donated converter boxes and antennas, and to help explain the how to install the equipment.

Thank you Reclaim the Media

Thank you so much for thinking of the YWCA and its residents for the DTV converter box donation. Our resident's ability to access information via the media is as important as their ability to access housing assistance, healthcare services and employment opportunities. The YWCA is committed to empowering all women and eliminating racism by removing the barriers that prevent women and families from thriving. Reclaim the Media was a great partner in this effort along with the Leadership Conference on Civil Rights.

Cathy MacCaul, YWCA

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